Complementary Fitness 30 Nov News

Hi & welcome to this week’s newsletter:

Once again, apologies for having to cancel all of last week’s classes.  I know I’d said in last week’s newsletter (which was typed up & scheduled to go out ie when I thought I’d be ok/better by the Tuesday).  I was still so choked with the cold and then on Thursday, felt even worse because I somehow had gastro-enteritis on top of the cold & a blinding headache!  It was the worst ever and ...


Complementary Fitness News 23 Nov

Apologies again or having cancelled last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday’s classes because I was choked with the cold and also because we were dealing with funeral arrangements for my mother-in-law.  Her funeral is today and there’s been so much to do & organise.

Such a shame that because of current restrictions, the maximum number of people (inc children) that can attend any funeral at the moment is 20.

Thank you for all your good wishes, condolences & cards which we really appreciate.  ...


Complementary Fitness 16 Nov News

Last Tuesday and Thursday, I had to go with a change of plan and instead of waiting until 6.30pm and doing live online Zoom classes along with you, I recorded each class earlier in the day and my intention is to do the same again this week.

Last week, I sent out an email to those who’d previously joined our live Zoom classes saying that if you intended to log in and join us on either evening, I would send the ...


Complementary Fitness news 9 Nov

What’s important to a healthy lifestyle for you? 

We can brainstorm words like: nutrition, rest, exercise, fresh air, relaxation, meditation, stress-reduction & sleep.  

What other words would you say are important? (let me know as I’ll have missed out a lot here).

Let’s talk about some of these but first: sleep! (not literally, I’m not hypnotizing you, we’re just gonna talk about sleep, ha 🤪):

I’ve recently read reports & heard from interviews that if you wear blue light eliminating glasses in the ...


Complementary Fitness 2 Nov news

Thanks sooo much to everyone who have joined our new indoor covered classes at Thistle Padel Court last Wed & Fri at 10am.

Last Wednesday we even used our pumpkins 🎃 as a weight – lots of fun.

Friday morning was a gorgeous morning.  I had too many layers on but you just never know with the weather!  It was a fab class, we all loved it 😊

Here are some comments from you about our Padel Court classes:

“Great class at Padel Court.  ...


Complementary Fitness 19 Oct News + updates

Firstly, I’m sorry that I felt I had to cancel last Tuesday’s and Wednesday morning’s classes because of all the rain we had before those classes.  I felt that I had to give you as much notice as possible as to whether classes were going ahead or not as I know some of you come to classes straight from work and some travel a bit of a distance to get there too.

It was just typical though that at 6.15pm on ...


Complementary Fitness 12 Oct News

This week’s news:

You’ll see from the classes timetable above on the Classes page of my website, we’re still outdoors this week at Paties Road Recreation Grounds for our Wed & Fri morning & Tue & Thurs evening classes.

Because of the new Government restrictions, we’ll still be outdoors next week at least too.

There’s no indoor exercise at the moment.

The Scottish Government website says that we can only exercise as a group outdoors and in a group of up to 30 people.

We ...


Complementary Fitness 5 Oct News

This week’s BIG news/newsletter:

We were very lucky with all our outdoor classes last week.

Tuesday was really lovely weather-wise, sunny and a great class & numbers.

Wednesday – well, according to the weather forecast, and depending on which weather app, I looked at, I was thinking of cancelling before we even started 😢

but I went with the best looking weather option on the Met Office app and emailed everyone saying the class was ON, yay 😁 just as well.

Lucky for us, it ...


Complementary Fitness 28 Sept news + video

I know we’ve had more Government Covid updates recently but according to GovScot’s website, we can still exercise outdoors together (we come under the Personal Training and Coaching category) as long as our class numbers don’t exceed 30 incl me which, they wont.

As you know, we’re all using our own equipment (weights/bands/mats etc) and keeping a safe distance between each other.

Well we were so lucky with the weather last week for our classes and great sunny days and evenings – ...


Complementary Fitness 14 Sept newsletter

After last Thursday’s Government announcements re social distancing, self isolating and new rules on socialising, there seemed to have been some confusion as to what we can/can’t do from this week.  
Confusion about how many people we can meet from x number of households etc and IF we could continue to exercise outdoors.

I’ve found out from various sources that WE CAN CONTINUE TO EXERCISE OUTDOORS, yessss! 👍 
I got an email from my fitness governing body (and copied and pasted their guidelines to you ...

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