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News re classes/restrictions/lockdown Zoom classes 5 Jan

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Wow 2 fitness newsletters in one week, sorry about that but it’s only because of the latest Government guidelines, news & restrictions…

I know that I sent out our weekly fitness newsletter yesterday and as you know, it said that our classes are back this week as they were when we finished up at the end of December (ie 10am classes were to be at the Padel Court).

However, you’ll have heard and seen the news last night and today that we’re now no longer allowed to exercise outdoors together as a class.

We can however meet up with one other person outdoors for exercise but for us, that means we can’t re-start our outdoor classes at Thistle Padel Court until at least the end of this month, possibly a bit longer.

We’re been told to stay indoors, not go out unless necessary so that we all stay safe until virus numbers come down and the vaccine is rolled out to as many as possible and things improve.

So until we hear otherwise, for now, we’ll have to exercise on our own, go for walks, out for a run, get some fresh air when possible and try to stay and as positive as we can.

We can do this, we’ve done it before (and that was before Zoom, or Zoom for me).

I emailed as soon as I heard the news and decided to do ALL of our classes by Zoom from this week onwards. 

I know a lot of you prefer our Tuesday & Thursday Zoom classes to be recorded so that you can do them at a time to suit so we’ll continue with that for now.

The news (& reason for a 2nd email) is that instead of our outdoor Wednesday & Friday classes, we can still exercise together but in the comfort and safety of our own homes.  We’ll still be LIVE, still be exercising together but our 10am class will be through Zoom.

If you’d like to join any/all of our classes, please email me in advance saying which class you’d like to attend then transfer the money for the class/classes to me (I can send you my bank details if you don’t have them).  I’ll then send you the recorded or live class joining link and passcode.  Easy. 

When we had the first lockdown in March, I was so hesitant about Zoom, finding out how to set it up, how to go about it but it’s like anything, after the first time, the next time is so much easier.  You get used to it.  It’s easy to do, honest.  Trust me, if I can do it, anyone!

I look forward to seeing you live online and to seeing you virtually too and I look forward to hearing from you and I can add you to our Zoom class lists.

Again, onwards & upwards and stay as positive as you can & support and encourage each other as always,  thank you.

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