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Prior to lockdown, we worked on general fitness, strength, flexibility by incorporating functional exercises like squats and lunges with Pilates exercises and yoga postures and stretches and our plan is to ease back into it and build up strength & flexibility again over time.
We’ll still warm up, move and mobilize all the joints, major muscle groups then stretch.
We’ll work out to great music mixes while lunging, reaching, bending, twisting, squatting, exercising and stretching in various directions while improving strength, mobility, posture and flexibility.

There are lots of options to make each class or session fresh, new, different, enjoyable and suitable for all.
Options/modifications are given to make each exercise or stretch less or more intense or challenging – it’s your workout, not a competition, in a group exercise class. You’re not expected to keep up with anyone else.
Please work out at your own pace, level and speed.
You’ll see yourself progress week by week and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can do and achieve.
(* sorry not suitable for pregnancy)

We’ll work at strengthening the muscles around the centre of the body ie abdominal muscles, the muscles in your lower, middle and upper back; those muscles that are responsible for posture.
As well as strengthening the postural muscles, we’ll tone and stretch out other muscles. The fitness yoga postures and stretching aspects of our classes help to improve strength, balance, core, posture and flexibility.

Fitness Pilates/yoga class feedback:
“Susan is the best Pilates teacher in Edinburgh! I’ve tried quite a few classes over the years and no-one else matches her careful balance of enthusiasm and consideration to encourage you to do the best you can, and keep on pushing yourself to do a wee bit more’” (SL) March 2020

“Fitness Yoga is brilliant, I just love it and can feel that I’m improving and becoming more flexible and stronger week by week. I’m glad that I’ll be able to come to Fitness Yoga/Pilates on a Thursday evening” (JM)

What To Wear/bring: appropriate fitness clothing (leggings, top, trainers, maybe sunglasses (hopeful), a lightweight jacket or sunscreen in our Fitness Pilates/Fitness Yoga classes, bring a yoga mat, water and £5.

Before your first class, please download and bring completed 1) PAR-Q Health Screening Form and 2) Lifestyle Questionnaire and remember to always keep Susan updated on your health and lifestyle issues and progress.



check out the Classes where/when page

Wednesday classes are general fitness, strength, resistance with the optional use of resistance band &/or hand weights.  A general whole body toning/strengthening class to improve overall fitness. Optional use of a resistance band & hand held weights are used in this class too so bring your own if you want to use them. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear and also bring water.  Each session £5 (pay cash or bank transfer).

Friday classes are Freestyle Fitness Yoga  This class is about fitness and yoga with yoga stretches and we aim to improve posture, core and overall strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination.
All classes are for men and women (but not pregnancy) and only costs £5. Please bring a yoga mat and water and be ready to stretch, lengthen, improve and enjoy.
Wear leggings/shorts, fitness top, trainers, bring a yoga mat and water.

Music is used in all classes and can take your mind off the effort or provide an active beat to work with so the outcome is better performance, more commitment to movement and often, more work achieved through greater levels of effort.

Comments about morning classes:
“Great exercise and music variety, I feel I work harder using the band and weights too. I love working out in the morning, feeling that I’ve done my workout for the day. I feel that the class is a great stress reliever and it makes you feel good”
“FABULOUS classes, each one is different and fresh”.    “Fantastic class, great music and brilliant instructor”

What To Wear/bring: as mentioned above, comfortable appropriate fitness clothing, trainers in these morning classes, bring a yoga mat, lightweight jacket/sunglasses if necessary, water and £5.

Before your first class, please download and bring completed 1) PAR-Q Health Screening Form and 2) Lifestyle Questionnaire and remember to always keep Susan updated on your health and lifestyle issues and progress.

Please feel free to email Susan with all your comments. Let her know how you’re getting on with achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals and aspirations. Thanks.