Fitness Newsletter 9 July

Newsletter – 9 July 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
There are NO classes on this as we’re having a break but have a look at the 6 week Summer block of classes below, put the dates in your diary and be ready, willing, able and motivated to improve your health, fitness and lifestyle by attending these classes/courses.
Classes start the week of 17 July. See current and summer classes on our Classes Page and join us soon.

Be The Change – Invest In You
Brand new launch of Be The Change: Invest In You classes for women on the perimenopause – menopause journey. Learn how to deal with all the physical and emotional symptoms with stress management techniques, positive mindset coaching, we’ll find out about eating for fat loss, health and nutrition, and do some exercise and stretching in our short mini workouts.

Book your place now in these classes to make changes and take charge of your health, feel and look fantastic, sign up for this 6 week journey course, please email me as above.

Complementary Fitness Mindfulness

Affirmations for confidence:
1) I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.
2) I am ALREADY healed, happy, loving, wealthy, successful, confident, physically and emotionally well.

Health + Lifestyle
If I asked you to put these 3 things in order of priority, what would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd ..

Now ask yourself out of the 3 things, which of them do you have most control over and which would you benefit from most? Weight loss might be last on your list and yet more than ever right now, it’s the number 1 focus for a lot of people – maybe with forthcoming holidays, a wedding etc. I thought we’d take a deeper look into health, fitness and weight loss this week so that we can make more health conscious decisions.

WEIGHT LOSS is probably the thing that most people want, many people need and a massive percentage may rarely achieve in the long term and in a sensible way (ie not going on quick fix, drop a dress size in 4 days kind of way). Everyone who loses and maintains a healthy weight, does so because they decide to do so and they focus on the outcome. Having the motivation to succeed takes strength of character and dedication. You have to get your diet and nutrition right, eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water and also exercise. You have to have commitment, focus, and determination to get you there. It might be easy to slip back into our ‘usual’ eating ways, lose interest and stop attending classes or doing any exercise and when that happens, the weight piles on again and we’re back to square one – and feeling bad about ourselves. So, if we want to succeed, that’s when we have to take charge, plan and eat the right foods, keep ourselves hydrated and improve our fitness, self esteem and confidence too. Are you up for the healthy eating and lifestyle challenge?

There are so many benefits to doing exercise including the prevention of lots of diseases. Exercise can be enjoyable, fun, social, it can improve your mood as you release all the feel-good hormones in your body, it can improve self esteem, confidence, give you a sense of achievement, improve your body image, help you increase your metabolism to help you lose body fat and weight. So ‘fitness’ should be right up there on your priority list.

We may not realise it but the fear of our own mortality is greater than any other of our weight loss and fitness goals. By simply stepping out of your front door and attending classes and improving your diet and lifestyle, your health will improve. You’ll also reduce your risk of certain diseases. Health isn’t just about physical health but it also encompasses emotional health too. A mind-body-spirit connection. If we eat all the right foods, drink enough water, exercise but are really stressed, anxious, depressed and feel unable to cope, we won’t feel ‘healthy’.

Conclusion: I think it’s best to try to achieve a good balance and take a good look our lifestyle, our diet, exercise, whether we’re getting enough rest, adequate good quality sleep and decide and commit to make changes where necessary.
What are your thoughts?

I‘m so excited that we’ll learn about all these aspects and more in the new Lifestyle classes which start next week. Are you up for the challenge? You’ll see there’s a new summer block of Complementary Fitness Pilates classes on a Thursday to improve your posture, core and overall strength and flexibility. We’ve also got a brand new Circuit Training Bootcamp for everyone (it’s not a hardcore, do or die class but it’s manageable so come along and join us, you can do it). Back by popular demand is Fitness Salsa on Friday mornings next week too so bring your hips, get ready to salsa and mambo and have fun too. What are you waiting for?

The happiness solution
According to researchers at Victoria University, New Zealand, we should relish the good times to feel happier for longer. They say whether that’s a personal best or another accomplishment or losing weight, take time to fully enjoy and appreciate the moment. By choosing to be fully present in the here and now eg such as by slowing down to savour a meal, you’ll appreciate and take greater enjoyment from the smaller things in life. The study also found that you can boost your feelings of happiness with physical actions such as celebrating by jumping up and down or sharing good news with a friend.

5 top slimming superfoods
CELERY – high in fibre and has many minerals. This crunchy vegetable is best eaten raw to slow the release of the nutrients from the rest of your meal. It contains zero fat.

QUINOA – a seed rather than a grain, the combination of protein and complex carbohydrates in quinoa provides you with energy for several hours after eating.

AVOCADO which used to be considered a no-no for traditional dieters – this fruit is higher in protein than most and supplies ample essential fats together with a high dose of vitamin E.

OATS – the total superfood for energy, weight loss and anti-ageing. Oats are lower in gluten than wheat and they provide slow release energy and reduced cholesterol.

CHIA SEEDS – nutrient-rich chia seeds add bulk, fibre, protein and essential fats to cereals, smoothies and salads. For a great energy boost and to stave off hunger for longer, soak overnight in water. A 28g serving gives you half your fibre RDA.

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See you in class soon, take care
Susan x

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