Fitness Newsletter 8 July
Newsletter – 8 July 2013


There are NO classes this week, we’re having a break but we’ll be raring to go and looking forward to working out in our 6 weeks of Summer classes 16 July-23 Aug.

All classes are now only £5 and are for men and women
Please bring your yoga mat and water to all classes.


Exercise myths busted
Will drinking water flush fat from your body? Does Pilates give you flat abs? Will sweating in the sauna help you lose weight? Is running bad for your knees and back?

With a little perusing on the internet, you will find consensus on most exercise topics and can usually uncover what is true and what’s not. However, there are a few exercise myths that still persist, even though the research is clear and consistent.

Here are some of the top myths and some information to set the record straight!

Low Intensity Cardio Exercise Is The Only Way To Burn Fat – False
Most people find the greatest success by mixing up their routines, and including a variety of different styles and effort levels.

Strength Training Makes Women Big And Bulky – FalseResearch has shown that women can greatly increase their ability to stay lean and/or lose fat, without getting big and bulky, if they incorporate strength training into their workout programmes.

Spot Reducing – False
This is the myth that suggests certain exercises or movements can reduce fat from specific parts of your body. The truth is that fat is stored throughout the body, and cardio or strength exercise (along with a proper diet) can help reduce fat stores from different areas, but not necessarily from the area of the body you are exercising.

When You Don’t Workout, Your Muscle Can Turn To Fat – False
The truth is that fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue, and can never be turned into each other.

Something to think about
“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it” – Jonathan Winters

IMAGINE with all your mind, BELIEVE with all your heart, ACHIEVE with all your might.

Nourishing Banana Mask: To Detox and Rehydrate – by Green People UK
This face mask will leave your skin glowing! Bananas are a good source of potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C which are wonderfully effective at softening and hydrating the skin. Our skin has a protective layer to keep water in and foreign substances out. Cold or hot weather, wind, air-con and heating can all damage this layer making it dry and flaky.

When you smear this banana mixture on your face, oil molecules form a temporary waterproof layer over your face, giving your skin cells a chance to rebuild their moisture levels.

Mash together half a small organic banana, 1 teaspoon of hemp oil and 1 teaspoon of manuka honey. Smooth the mixture over your skin and leave for 10 minutes before gently rinsing it off with warm water. This mask wont keep so make sure you make it fresh whenever you want to use it!

GM crops: Get the facts
GM is a ‘safe, proven, and beneficial innovation’, according to the UK Government. Many scientists, citizens, poor farmers, environmentalists, and health campaigners disagree. For 12 rational reasons why we should say NO to GM crops, visit The Alliance for Natural Health.
Or click on (or copy and paste into your browser)

Complementary Therapies
Let me know if you’d like to book an appointment with me over the summer for a relaxing massage or deep tissue sports massage or reflexology treatment.

I love all your feedback – please keep it coming, keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements, thanks.

Email me at:

take care, I’ll see you from Tuesday 16 July.

Susan x

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