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Fitness Newsletter 7 December

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Newsletter – 7 DECEMBER 2015

Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Fitness Salsa classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Have fun, feel good, get results, look amazing.

All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
£5 pay as you go classes
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals

A list of our current COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES is on the Classes page/tab
join us for our last week to get yourself fit for the party season and get in touch and book up for our January classes too.

Our community classes for men and women are in Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, and Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Colinton, Edinburgh

Bring a yoga mat and water to classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.


Did you know that…
I look forward to enjoying our festive Fitness Lunch with you if you booked and are joining us in the Bisque Brasserie, Bruntsfield Hotel today, see you soon…

My website front page/welcome page has been slightly changed. I’ve removed those 2 (old) videos and replaced them with a link to my Complementary Fitness YouTube channel. Just click on the hyperlink and it takes you straight to my channel where you can view, and work out along to, my warm up, Resistance Training, Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga, fitness salsa and some Insanity videos. You might want to do some training over the holidays in preparation for our classes return in January!!

Also, if you scroll right down to the very bottom of the welcome page, down past my YouTube channel link, down past Client Testimonials, below “thanks for visiting….”, there is a section with the most Recent Newsletters on the left to read. In the centre, there are 4 icons under Get Social and the last/4th one is also an icon that takes you to my YouTube channel too. On the right side, Get In Touch section where you can add your name, email address and a message which you then click on the Click To Send button. In this section, you can send me a message, some feedback, ask a question etc – have a go. Let me know what you think too.

Something to think about:
Remember to bring your tea lights, a holder or small jam jar to our Tuesday and both Thursday evening classes this week for the last of our Candlelight classes where we relax and stretch a bit more and focus even more on our breathing – ahhhh enjoy.

Pilates + yoga by candlelight
Pilates + yoga by candlelight

As you know, our classes finish up on Fri 11 Dec and we start back the week of Tue 5 January. January can be busy with people wanting to start exercising again, thinking about losing any excess weight that they may have put on over the holidays and all the New Year resolutions of next year being THE year that they get themselves fit. So now’s the time to sign up and book your place in our Tuesday Fitness Pilates and Thursday Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates classes. If you book up and register your place and pay for a block, each 6 week block is £29 upfront. You can of course pay as you go in each class too. There’s a discounted price of £8 for the 2 classes on a Thursday (Fitness Yoga AND Fitness Pilates). As mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, you might also want to pay for the whole month and pay £45 for all classes in a month and there are 20 of them for you to work out to in January!

Stretch + lengthen
Stretch + lengthen

I’ll continue to send out weekly Fitness Newsletters with info and tips so look out for those on Monday mornings.

This year, instead of writing and giving you a Christmas card to you, I’m giving donations to Social Bite instead. Find out more at You too can make a donation for Suspended Coffee or food for a homeless person by texting BITE00 £5 to 70070. There’s more info here

Connecting with Susan
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I look forward to seeing you this week,
take care,
Susan x