Fitness Newsletter 7 April

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All level classes are for men and women (except pregnancy).
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals
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Something to think about
It’s Monday – don’t forget to be awesome.

There’s still time to join us in our current new Fitness Pilates courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – come and join us
Great feedback from our Salsa Fitness class last Wednesdays at 9.30am and more fun and fitness this week too – I hope that you’ll join us, you’ll love it.

Fitness Yoga Stretch classes on Fridays 9.30am are a good way to stretch, strengthen and ease us in to the weekend. So come and join us.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

Improve your core strength with: the plank, bridge and push-up your way to better posture, balance and overall fitness.

Replace refined sugar with dried fruit which is sweet and delicious and gives you loads of useful nutrients which give you energy and keep your appetite under control.

Get up and get moving first thing in the morning – your metabolism will be set to a more efficient level with early morning exercise. I’ve got at least 3 ways that will help you with this and they are:

9.30am Wednesday Salsa Fit Class.

9.30am Friday Yoga Stretch (both classes in Dreghorn Loan Hall) and

9am Saturdays – I’m covering Nicola’s outdoor Urban Bootcamp this Saturday (12 April) and it’s free. You’re very welcome to join us. Just come along to Stay Central Hotel (in the courtyard of the Three Sisters Hotel, Cowgate) 8.55am ready to start at 9am.
We’ll run (or run/walk) along through the Grassmarket, and either go up Granny Green Steps and do some circuit exercises (lunges, side moving squats, squat jumps, Plank rotations etc)
OR we’ll run to another set of steps and head to the Meadows and do our circuits there. I’d recommend parking the car till 10.15am to give you plenty of time to get back to the hotel (10am) to stretch and back to your car. I hope that you’ll join us – you can email me for details if you’d like.
It’s a great start to your weekend and great for your metabolism too.

Did you know?
that Amy (she used to come to Tue Pilates now lives in Glasgow) and her mum Gillian still comes to Tuesday classes) are doing the Moon Walk this year and they’re looking for sponsorship for this great event. If you’d like to sponsor them for their Onwards and Upwards Team, you can do this on their online page at well done girls (in advance) x

that it takes 200 muscles to take a single step; workouts which utilize compound body movements will benefit your fitness more than isolation work.

that the combination of a good varied diet with lots of raw vegetables, fruit and green smoothies can have tremendous positive results and give you all the enzymes you need for a healthy life.
And that you can find out more if you register to watch Jason Vale’s (aka Juice Master) new online premiere film about health benefits of juicing – it’s free to watch for 8 days from 27 April. To register and for details click on

that if you go on to the News Page of my website, click on the most recent Newsletter, click ‘Continue Reading’ and scroll right down to the bottom (after About The Author), you can add a Comment – just add your name, your email address (if you don’t want to add your own email address, just add mine) then add a comment about classes, anything interesting that you like in the Newsletter etc, click ‘Add Comment’ – go on, give it a try, it would be great to get a comment from you, thanks.

Please update me: on how you’re getting on with your fitness, strength, flexibility and health Subscribe to our weekly Fitness Newsletters and please pass on details of our classes, my website, newsletter and encourage friends and colleagues to join us, thanks.

Connecting with me
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Susan x

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  1. Susan  April 7, 2014

    THE BIG DEBATE – Get Involved
    What do you like to read about in our weekly Fitness Newsletters?
    Do you read the newsletters every week? If not, is it because of time constraints?/don’t find the content interesting or relevant to you?
    What are your comments and feedback about our classes – I’d love to know.

    Add A Comment and share your views, opinions, thoughts etc in this space.
    Thanks, Susan

    • Nic  April 7, 2014

      well thanks for the Urban Gym class mention – and class cover this week!! Last weeks class was great working out oudoors – Castle side too. Thanks for coming along to support, taking part and covering this weeks class. Hoping some new faces will come along and give outside bootcamp a go – we keep cool, work hard and get some air.
      Nic x

  2. Susan  April 7, 2014

    Thanks Nic, I can’t wait to cover this Saturday’s (12/4) 9am urban bootcamp from Stay Central Hotel, Cowgate and to motivating everyone (like you do), boosting our metabolism, Vitamin D levels and having fun too. It’s a great start and gives us lots of energy for the weekend.

  3. Karen  April 7, 2014

    I love the Pilates class and enjoy working out with you. It’s great for my fitness and stress levels too!!! I’m off work for the holiday but planning to come to as many classes as I can – they’re so much fun- looking forward to the Salsa !! Always read the newsletters, full of interesting stuff, though have to confess, don’t always read some of the articles in depth – only due to time factor. I enjoy reading/learning about fruit/veg and their various health benefits. I need to eat more!!!!! See you soon
    Karen x

    • Susan  April 8, 2014

      Thanks Karen – I love having you in our classes. You’ve really improved your strength and flexibility and make it look so easy. I’m looking forward to Salsa Fit with you tomorrow too 🙂

  4. Diana  April 10, 2014

    I feel that my general fitness has improved since starting your Wednesday morning class.
    I attend the Friday morning class on occasion also.
    I only wish that I could come to more classes but alas! various other commitments stand in the way of this
    My many disintegrating joints do not allow me to do as much as I would wish for; but one does ones best and that is as much as can be hoped for.


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