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Fitness Newsletter 6 MAY

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Newsletter –6 JUNE 2016

Join our Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s get results, look and feel amazing in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy)

A list of our current COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES is on the Classes tab on this website, please have a look and join us this week to get summer fit and have fun in Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall and Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Colinton, Edinburgh


Did you know that…
Yesterday (Sunday 5/6), we were around the Meadows area and found out that at the weekend, the Meadows has a Festival on so had a wander in and around. There were lots of stalls, music and food stalls too.
It was such a lovely day and it was very relaxing wandering around with so many people and families having a great time. Edinburgh is so fantastic isn’t it with all it’s festivals and various events? I love it.

1-12 June is Volunteers Week and time to celebrate the 21 million people who volunteer in the UK.
Read the blog (copy and paste the link to your browser) at

6-12 June is Carers Week. Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges that carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.
More info at:

I found out that on Saturday 18 June, it’s Edinburgh Canal Festival which I’ll be going to.
There will be water-based (raft race etc) and land-based (stalls, bouncy castles etc) activities as well as food, music and dance. Sounds like a good day out which starts at 12.00 from Lochrin Basin.
Find out more at

I have a NutriBullet and love using it. If you’ve got one and use it too, you can get lots of recipes at I also love organic smooth peanut butter and when I came across this recipe for cashew butter, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m going to make it today so I can let you know how I get on.
Basically you soak 1½ cups of cashew nuts for several hours or overnight, drain and rinse then add a pinch of sea salt, ½ tsp vanilla extract and 1½T coconut oil – add everything to your nutribullet (or blender) and blitz away and enjoy.

Something to think about:
Please continue to be part of our Complementary Fitness team, take part in as many classes as you can, encourage your friends and colleagues to join us too. If you haven’t been to our classes for a while, please come back and join us – you are very welcome.
As you’ll see above (or on the Classes page of my website), we’ve got 2 Fitness Pilates classes at 7.30pm: one on Tuesday at Craiglockhart Church Hall and the other is on Thursday in Dreghorn Loan Hall, Colinton.

Sit up crunches for a strong core
Sit up crunches for a strong core

On Wednesday, we’ve got a body conditioning/toning class using either a kettlebell or hand weights and we also use resistance bands too. We also ‘mix it up’ with 5 minutes of Fitness Salsa in that class too (as requested!).
kettlebell and weights
Kettlebell pull up

There are also 2 Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes to attend and participate in: one at 6.35pm on Thursdays (a 50 min class) and the other is 9.30am on Friday mornings – both in Dreghorn Loan Hall too.
Yoga side rotation

Another reminder about Thursday 23 June – our 6.35pm and 7.30pm classes are in The Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church because Dreghorn Loan Church Hall will be used for voting.

Complementary Fitness Summer Lunch:
I was thinking we might go to Las Iguanas for our Complementary Fitness summer lunch and am trying to get a date organised. If you regularly come to our classes, let me know if you’d like to join us. I’m thinking either Friday 24 or Monday 27 June but need to know which date the majority of you would prefer. I’ll start a list in class and you can let me know when I see you or email me and tell me your preference – and if you’d like to go there. Thanks.

Check out my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel and workout with me. Warm up first and you can do 2 or 3 different short videos
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

Class costs: £5 each / £29 for each 6 week block of Tue or Thurs Fitness Pilates classes (guarantees place + saves time) / £8 for both Thursday Yoga/Pilates classes /£45 for ALL classes in a month.
If you have any questions or would like more info before attending a class, please email Susan (details below) and she’ll be happy to help or discuss with you. Also if you need clearance from your GP, physio, osteopath etc before attending any class, please get their permission (written if necessary) first, thank you.

Connecting with Susan

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness and fun