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Fitness Newsletter 6 January 2014

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Wishing you a happy, healthy, successful and a fit New Year.


All level classes are for men and women
Commit to the new January 6 week block of Fitness Pilates classes

£30 for 6 week courses / £5 pay as you go classes.
Book your place in Tue/Thurs All Level Fitness Pilates classes from 7 Jan


Health & Exercise
Join us this week/soon if you want improved fitness, strength, flexibility, posture as well as look and feel amazing in 23014. Commit to making this the best year ever for you.
I can’t wait to work out with you this week and have new music mixes and exercises and sequences all ready. Please encourage and bring along your friends, colleagues etc to join us too. Working out with a friend can keep you both on track and motivated.

Something to think about
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. (Louise L Hay)

“My body is always working towards optimum health”. This affirmation from LLHay should be repeated several times

7 days of free health webinars from 11-17 January if you register at If you register, you’ll get access to 5 free great videos now.
The New YOU Now Webinar officially starts on Sat 11 January.
For 7 consecutive days, you’ll be able to learn from 35 personal-growth experts on topics ranging from diet & health to motivation, meditation and organization. Whatever your personal goals are, experts are there to guide you to improve all areas of your life – now’s the time to get started!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?
What do you want to achieve in 2014? For some, it’s losing some weight, to get fitter, to stop smoking, to be more positive or happier, maybe to get organised. Well, I can help you with some of those things if you put your mind to your achieving your goal/s.
Be more organised by putting all the class dates in your new diary, get yourself up at least 2 hours before our morning classes, eat a healthy nutritious breakfast so you’ve got energy.
You may want to organise your fitness clothing and stuff (incl your mat, weights, resistance band etc) the night before too so they and you are ready to go.
Make sure that you have child care organised if necessary and if you’re attending our evening classes, ensure you organise your time, nutritional needs (incl water) and that you arrive in plenty of time feeling relaxed, positive and ready to work out and enjoy your sessions with us.
Let’s move forward in a positive direction, take charge and take responsibility for our fitness and health.
You will reach your goals and dreams but you have to believe it

No matter what our motivation may be, if we are not realistic, we will not fulfil our goal (Dalai Lama)

6 pack abs are not necessary to be fit, healthy and to look good. Get yourself fit and healthy and you’ll look and feel great anyway.

Write a good story – tomorrow is a blank page in your diary – fill it with positivity and love.

Did you know?
– that you can take part in Nicola Cockburn’s free Wednesday 6.30pm Running Session and Saturday 9am Urban Gym Workout starting and finishing at Stay Central Hotel, Cowgate.
Email me for more details or go on to Nicola’s own or Stay Central Hotel’s Facebook pages. The sessions are free and are for men and women. – There were 10 of us on Saturday incl 3 from our Tuesday Pilates class (thanks).
Nicola will be on holiday for a week in January and has asked me to lead the gym workouts on 18 + 25 Jan and running (it’s a combination of running, jogging and walking really) session on Wed 22/1 – email me for more info/details if you’d like.

– that “peace begins with each of us taking care of our bodies and minds everyday” – Thich Nhat Hanh

– that you’ll find lots of healthy recipes online at

Knee Pain? – you may need more Vitamin D3
Article on Real Foods Health Encyclopedia by Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD at

Email me at:
I look forward to seeing you this week/soon.

Susan x