Fitness Newsletter 6 April

Hi and I hope that you had/are having a lovely Easter weekend. ALL classes are ON over the holidays so come and join us. Details and venues etc on the Classes page of this website.
Join us and take part of our classes to improve your fitness, strength, tone, posture, flexibility and stay motivated in our fun, effective classes.
All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)

Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.


I hope that you had a very happy Easter, enjoyed your weekend and wish you a happy Easter Monday too.

Complementary Fitness Videos Side Hip and Leg lifts then upper body rotation Full Press Ups by Karen Shoulder Bridges progress to leg lift and hip drop

Click on these youtube links and do the exercises/stretches along with me – let me know and how you’re getting on too.
Click on the youtube video links above to watch the individual latest mini videos. These are also added to my playlist so you can also click on (or copy & paste links to your browser) and you’ll see all my youtube videos.

Did you know that…
ALL our classes are on over the Easter holidays too – see you this week/soon.

Exercise can affect your body and mind in countless ways but just some of the benefits are: it can improve mood, sleep and it can normalize your glucose, insulin and leptin levels.

Something to think about:
‘Nobody that ever gave their best regretted it’ – George Hallas

Article (by Dr Mercola): Why High Intensity workouts are best for weight loss

Here’s the ‘story at-a-glance’:
High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to burn more calories than traditional workouts, and burns more body fat in less time
In one study, HIIT was the only form of exercise that improved glucose tolerance.
Low intensity exercisers had glucose tolerance on par with the control group, which did not exercise at all.
Research comparing identical twins highlight the speed at which you can improve your health regardless of genetic predisposition. Active twins had greater endurance, lower body fat, and significantly greater grey matter in their brain.
The article also talks about the benefits of diet, exercise and intermittent fasting t beat the bulge.
You’ll remember that last week, I put an article on my website (on the Articles page) all about intermittent fasting so you can read more there and/or in the links in the website article link above too. classes:
Thursday 6.30pm HIIT (high intensity interval training – Insanity class) in Dreghorn Loan Hall, class £4.
Nicola demonstrates modifications/easier options in all her classes so they’re for everyone.
Bring your mat and water, wear trainers and improve your fitness, strength and endurance.

Connecting with Susan
Complementary Fitness youtube video channel –
I’ve been adding more exercise videos to my youtube playlist and if you want to see them (and work out with me too), click on ‘Complementary Fitness classes Edinburgh’. The latest videos will be the higher numbers.
Let me know what you think of the (short) videos, thanks.

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