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Something to think about
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. (Albert Einstein)

What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.

Did you know?
-that if you’re in need of a vitamin D boost, then eat some mushrooms but not before you have exposed them to the sun for at least 30 minutes. Why? US researchers have found that mushrooms seem to absorb and process sunlight in a similar way to human skin, turning it into vitamin D.

-that you can get all your superfoods, healthy advice, tips, recipes and ideas from Real Foods who have 2 stores in Edinburgh. They’re also celebrating their 50th anniversary this year too.

-that I make my own Almond Milk and it’s so easy to do. Here’s how:
I measure out 1½ cups of raw almonds and soak them overnight or for at least 8 hours. It’s good to soak nuts anyway as this process releases enzyme inhibitors and makes the nuts more digestible. Anyway, next day, I drain and rinse the nuts then add them to a high powered blender with 6 cups of water (preferably filtered or spring water), 2 or 3 raw dates and then blend for a couple of minutes. I then get a Nut Milk Bag (you can buy one from Real Foods) and put it in, and fit it over a big wide jug and strain the nut milk through the milk bag and squeeze as much milk out as possible – it’s quite therapeutic doing this. You’ll be left with the almond meal and this can be used in loads of recipes – I can give you some of the recipes that I use it in. I then transfer the milk to a big beaker with a pouring lid (and sometimes also freeze some of the milk too for another day). You can also make a smaller quantity of almond milk using 1 cup of almonds and 4 cups of water.
Because the Almond Milk is home made, not processed or heat treated, each time you take it out of the fridge, you have to give it a shake and it’s perfectly fine. I’d only keep it for about 4, maybe 5 days max in the fridge but again, you can freeze some if too much. I use it on my home made muesli, in chia puddings (recipe below) and use the almond meal in gluten free muffins and goji berry slices. Happy days!

Thank You to Mary Walker (Wed & Fri am classes) and Douglas Walker (Thurs Pilates) for planting and giving me some home grown beetroot, a courgette and some carrots on Friday.
When I got home after the class, I got the food processor out and grated 2 or 3 of the carrots, a medium beetroot and the courgette together. I then added toasted walnuts, some organic sultanas, juice of 1/2 a lemon, a tablespoon of tahini (good source of calcium – it’s creamed sesame seeds) and a drizzle of olive oil – delicious.
Thank you also to Kay Ferguson (Wed & Fri am) who gave me a home grown lettuce and Chinese leaves the previous week. How lucky am I? Thanks very much.

Here’s my own recipe for Chia Puddings – and you can also see the photo too.
Pour some freshly made almond milk into an individual glass or dish and add in 2 heaped dessertspoons of whole chia seeds (buy from Real Foods or Holland & Barrett) and stir. I then stir in some ground cinnamon and what ever else I want to add eg a tablespoon of cranberries &/or goji berries, a teasp of cacao, cocoa or carob powder (for a chocolatey flavour). Options also might be ½ teasp maca powder (good for balancing hormones).
Once stirred, put the dish in the fridge for ½ an hour and you’ll find that the chia seeds have absorbed all the liquid and the pudding is firm.

Diary dates:
2-26 August – The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Get your brochure or go online and book some shows. Let me know what you’re going to and what you’d recommend and I’ll pass on your recommendations.

9-11 August – Foodies Festival, Inverleith Park, Arboretum Road, Edin, EH3 5NZ.
The Foodies Festival returns to Edinburgh for the 7th year. Get your chance to see top chefs performing cooking demos, explore the best of regional cuisine, and purchase food at a number of exciting pop-up restaurant tents around the park.

Complementary Therapies
Let me know if you’d like to book an appointment with me for a relaxing massage or deep tissue sports massage or reflexology treatment.
Please keep giving me all your feedback, keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements, thanks.

Email me at:
take care, I’ll see you in classes this week/soon.

Susan x

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