Fitness Newsletter 4 November

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All classes are now only £5 PAYG and are for men and women
I took a couple of photos of last week’s Spooky Halloween Circuit Class – thanks to everyone who took part in this and other classes.


Health & Exercise
Regularly taking vitamin B supplements may help reduce your risk of stroke according to a large study review from Zhenzhou University, China. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease are all risk factors so stay as active as possible and eat your way through your 5-a-day too. More details at

Maintaining a steady weight as you get older, rather than being super-skinny is the key to a longer life researchers at Ohio State University have found. The study found that over-50s who were slightly overweight (with a BMI of 25-29.9) but maintained their number on the scales, had the highest survival rate.

Regular exercise, particularly in green spaces, helps with depression and boosts the immune system. A new study also says that those who walk are about 40% less likely to have diabetes than those who drive – so ditch the car, get your trainers/walking boots on and get walking.

Recipe ideas at and

Something to think about
No one ever works out and regrets it. You never go for a run and then, when you’re finished, wish you’d just stayed at home. You never climb a mountain, get to the top and say “I should’ve just been content to stay where I was”.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. This time, more intelligently – Henry Ford

Each day is an opportunity to take a step towards the person you want to be.

Foods are like musical notes, your body is the instrument, the way you feel and look is the music – @DrJunger

Did you know?
– that our Christmas Fitness Lunch is on Monday 9 December and we’re going to Howies, Waterloo Place and the table’s booked for 1pm. If you work out with us in our fitness classes, you’re welcome to come and join us for our lunch.
Howies are doing a Sun-Tue December ‘special offer’ of 2 courses + a glass of Prosecco for £19.95. They also offer a 3 course option for £24.95 (Prosecco not incl + supplement on cheese course).
We have to let them know our menu choices and also pay £10 deposit each in advance.
I’ll have the Menu in classes and can also email it to you so that you can make up your mind and let me know.

– that all of our classes are on until Friday 13 December which is only 5 weeks on Friday!!!

– that in our 2 Tuesday and Thursday evening classes in December, we’ll be having our Pilates by Candlelight classes where you can bring a tea light and holder and for the last 20 minutes of the classes, we’ll light our candles, put the lights off, relax, chill and stretch – ah I’m feeling relaxed and chilled already!

I’ve had more great feedback from all the classes last week so please continue to give me your feedback and comments about classes/how you’re getting on etc.
Keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements.
After reading each Fitness Newsletter, if you want to comment on it or about classes, please go to the News Page of my website, click the ‘continue reading’ tab, on the latest Newsletter, scroll down to the Comment Box and type your comment. You can include your initials, first or full name, add your email address or type in ‘’. Please comment this way so that my website is more interactive, thanks.

Complementary Therapies
I’m also a Complementary Therapist and therapies include: relaxing or deep tissue remedial + sports massage, reflexology treatment or Hopi candle treatment, please get email me if you’d like to arrange an appointment with me.

Email me at:
I look forward to seeing you soon.

Susan x

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