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Fitness Newsletter 4 January

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Newsletter – 4 JANUARY 2016

Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core/Combat classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s join in, continue, get results, look and feel amazing in 2016.

All level effective classes for men and women* aged 16+ (*except pregnancy) in Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh.
Commit to working out with us to achieve your 2016 health + fitness goals


Classes start back this week to get you fit so book up, come & join us.
Our aim in the following classes is to improve our strength, flexibility, posture, co-ordination and balance.

Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, Edinburgh

Classes in the Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Dreghorn Loan, Colinton




Class costs: £5 each / £29 payable on week 1 of each 6 week block of Tue or Thurs Fitness Pilates classes (guarantees place + saves time) / £8 for both Thursday Yoga/Pilates classes /£45 for ALL classes in a month.

If you have any questions or would like more info before attending a class, please email Susan (details below) and she’ll be happy to help or discuss with you. Also if you need clearance from your GP, physio, osteopath etc before attending any class, please get their permission (written if necessary) first, thank you.

I wish you a very happy, healthy, successful and fit year and I hope that you’ll join us to achieve all of your fitness goals with us.
I can’t wait to welcome you back and work out with you this week/soon.


Did you know that…
I’ve got new music mixes for our new classes and hope that you like them.
Music can help motivate you and take your mind off some of the effort that you’re making – good to know!

I’ve really enjoyed my festive time off. I’ve relaxed, enjoyed having the family over, enjoyed having Steven home for 2 weeks and seeing Nicola too. I’ve loved putting my feet up, watching films (even those cheesy Christmas ones) and chilling out with a glass of wine (or 2 but no more, honest).
However, I’ve only done that ½ hour Metafit class over the last 3 weeks and have probably eaten my weight in dark chocolates etc so I really need to get back ‘to normal’ and to exercising again!!
I’m so looking forward to working out with you this week and hope that you are too.
I’m not looking forward to those DOMS again – you know, those achy leg, ab and glute muscles you feel a day or 2 after you exercise again!!
It’s encouraging to know that we’ll all be the same, including me!
Just to remind you that we usually only feel this the first week or 2 but as we improve and become stronger, we should be fine after that (no promises though!!).

Let me know what your lifestyle and fitness goals are. If you’re starting on your fitness journey or haven’t exercises in ages, then you’re very welcome to work out with us in our friendly, community classes.
All our all-level classes are for men and women (except pregnancy, sorry) and for everyone aged 16+ .
Everyone is encouraged to work out for themselves even though we’re in a class or group environment.
Remember that you’ll be encouraged to take the easier OR harder/more challenging options if you need to/if you can. No competition, do what’s best for you and you’ll see improvements week by week.

If your goal is to lose a few pounds, remember that good nutrition ie eating well balanced meals and drinking enough water to keep you hydrated, all go towards a healthy lifestyle and to making you feel better too.

Let me know what your aims and goals are and I’ll do my best to advise and help you.

If you want to exercise/work out with hand held weights and a resistance band in our Wednesday 9.30am class, please bring them (optional).

I’m celebrating 25 years as a Fitness Instructor – I graduated in January 1991 and have done lots of courses and workshops since then so have lots of experience.

Something to think about:
Everyone exercising with us needs to fill out and bring completed PAR-Q Screening Form and Lifestyle Questionnaire – these can be downloaded from my website. So if you’re new to our classes or know that you’ve never filled in and given me these forms, please do that this week/soon.
Also, remember to update me (or your forms) of any relevant or updated information thanks.
Remember that everything that you write/tell me is in confidence.

Let me know if you’d like me to reserve your place in our Tuesday and/or Thursday Fitness Pilates or Fitness Yoga classes, just email me (details below).
Our Wednesday & Friday 9.30am classes are drop in, no need to book.
Bring a yoga mat and water to classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.

Check out my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel for some short fitness videos Remember to warm up first.
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

Connecting with Susan
Email Susan mailto:
I look forward to seeing you this week from 5 Jan 2016 onwards