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Did you know that…..
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. Good for you, well done, keep going.

Saturated fat is the latest food group to hit the headlines. Current guidelines recommend that our fat intake is less than 35% of total energy intake and saturated fat intake is less than 11% total energy intake. This means the average man should eat no more than 30g of saturated fat per day and the average woman, no more than 20g of saturated fat per day. National surveys indicate that Britons consume 20% more saturated fat than these recommendations.

Something to think about
It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quicker, more people would do it.

All calories are not created equally: eating 2500 kcal a day of chocolate bars or 2500 kcal of fresh veg, organic meat, nuts and seeds is a huge difference not only in body composition terms, but also in insulin markers, cortisol effect, cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome factors etc. We don’t need to count calories as long as they come from vegetable and fruit carbohydrate sources and we consume nutrient-dense, nutritious, healthy, organic foods and drink plenty of water or green tea. When we eat these healthier foods, we feel full for longer and tend not to over eat. It’s good to think about having a good balance of food/nutrients and consider our whole diet ie the variety of foods we have, the portions of veg and fruit we eat, our intake of wholegrains, legumes, good quality protein, oily fish, meat and dairy or nut/seed milk products we consume too. We may want to avoid the “healthy” options of rice, pasta and potatoes and instead eat more meals containing quinoa which has more protein.

A good book I’ve been recommended to read that encapsulates a thorough, reasoned and scientific approach to fat loss and nutrition is “Escape The Diet Trap” by Dr John Briffa or read anything by Dr Jonny Bowden.
If this interests you, check out Amazon or Waterstone’s.

Here’s a great recipe for you to try using chia seeds: Strawberry Chia Breakfast Smoothie
· 8 strawberries
· 1 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in:
· 1.5 cups almond milk and
· 1 tsp vanilla
· add 1 Scoop Vanilla protein powder
· 1/4 lemon, squeezed juice
You might like to soak the chia seeds for about 5 minutes, or as long as it takes you to get out all the other ingredients and get the berries washed and ready.
Blend everything in your blender. Add a little more liquid as needed to get a consistency you like and enjoy! (from thebettyrocker)

Cockburn Family Fitness
Nicola’s Insanity Sessions are NOT ON this Thursday 2 or 9 Oct and neither is Saturday’s Metafit sessions (no classes 4 or 11 Oct) because Nicola’s off/away on holiday.
Classes return on Thurs 16 Oct at 6.30pm in Dreghorn Loan Hall so come and join us then.

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