Fitness Newsletter 27 May

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Aloha and Welcome to this 27 May Complementary Fitness Newsletter

Did you know?
– that exercise is the key to a healthier, happier you.
– that exercise improves your mood up to 12 hours afterwards.
– that 5 minutes exercising in a natural setting can significantly improve mood and self esteem (get outside and walk – the hills and reservoirs are so close!)
– that moderate exercise results in 65% better sleep quality

– that it’s a good idea to add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your food wherever you can. Out of 49 herbs and spices, cinnamon has the greatest positive impact on blood sugar. Its active ingredient methylhydroxychalcone (MHCP) mimics insulin – in other words, it tells your cells to grab circulating sugar from your blood.

– that you can send me a comment directly from my website. If you go on to News page (click on Continue Reading), read the latest Newsletter, you can scroll down and click on and add a Comment. This makes my website more ‘interactive’ – give it a try.

Something to think about
If you don’t let go of the wrong people, the right people won’t show up. You have to make the right move.
Joel Osteen

The difference between who you are and who you want to be what you do.
You have to re-create your motivation. Try to find what pushes you to be unhealthy and eliminate it.
Remind yourself why you want to be healthy. Keep in mind how good and awesome you’ll feel after a clean meal or a workout.
It’s definitely easier not to change but it’s totally worth it. You can do it. You’re strong enough.
It takes time but you have a whole life in front of you to succeed. Keep going. I believe in you.

Summer Lunch – suggestions please for a date and venue in June – any ideas? Let me know and we’ll need to get it organised. Not long now!!

Diary Dates:

Tuesday Fitness Pilates:
After this block, I’m organising extra classes on 25 June and 2 July (£5 each) and I hope you’ll join us if you’re around.
We’ll then have a 6 week block over summer Tue 16 July-20 Aug (£30 for 6 weeks/£5 PAYG)
I’m organising the hall – *if you haven’t done so already, please let me know if these extra and summer dates are ok for you*.

Thursday Fitness Pilates:
After the current block, we’re having an extra class on 27 June (the hall is booked for 7pm and 8pm already) and depending on numbers, I’m hoping to also have classes on 4 July.
Then definitely a 6 week block over summer Thurs 18 July-22 Aug.
I’m organising the hall – *let me know if 4 July and summer dates are ok for you,

In the summer block, would you prefer your usual 7pm or 8pm class OR have one combined class at 7.30pm? What are your dates? Can you join us? What’s your preference?
Last year was quiet in both 7pm and 8pm classes and it would’ve been good to have combined them together.
However, if enough people want 7pm and 8pm, I’m happy to teach both classes.

I had some lovely feedback from last week’s Fitness Newsletter –
“I wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your weekly newsletters which inspire me every week to eat well, exercise and stay positive! Today’s newsletter (20/5) was brill and on the back of it, I’ve decided that I’m going to start walking home from work instead of taking the very short train journey! It is a 2 mile journey and if I can do that even just 3 times a week, I know I will feel and notice a massive difference in my health and fitness!”

Complementary Therapies
Get in touch with me if you’d like to make an appointment for a Swedish or Remedial + Sports Massage, Reflexology or Hopi candle treatments for an hour’s treatment with me at my house. Email me for details.

I love all your feedback – please keep it coming, keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements, thanks.

Email me at:

take care, see you soon
Susan x

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