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Fitness Newsletter 27 June

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Newsletter 27 JUNE 2016

Join our Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s get results, look and feel amazing.

All level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy)


There are only 2 classes on this week to participate in but have a look at our
Summer timetable below and join us then to get your summer fitness ‘on’.

Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, Edinburgh
TUESDAYS 7.30 pm FITNESS PILATES Class on till 28 June and re-starts 12 July

Classes in the Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Dreghorn Loan, Colinton
WEDNESDAYS 9.30 am KETTLEBELL/HAND WEIGHTS + RESISTANCE BAND class on till 29 June then re-starts 13 July

THURSDAYS 6.35pm FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA class restarts 14 July
THURSDAYS 7.30pm FITNESS PILATES class re-starts 14 July

FRIDAY 9.30 am FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA class re-starts 15 July


Did you know that…
as I said above and as you probably know, there are only 2 classes this week: Tuesday Fitness Pilates at 7.30pm in Craiglockhart Church Hall and 9.30am Weights + Bands Workout in Dreghorn Loan Hall. If you usually come to our Thursday or Friday Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes or our Thursday Fitness Pilates class, then come along to our Tuesday 7.30pm Fitness Pilates class so you don’t miss out.
After our 9.30am Wed class, we’re having a short break and then our 6 week Summer term of classes returns from Tuesday 12 July until 19 August.
After that, our Autumn classes begin on Tuesday 30 August right through until 16 December.

Eating excessive amounts of sugar can cause resistance to the hormone insulin. It can also cause inflammation, which exacerbates muscle fatigue and has been shown to suppress the immune system. There’s evidence that sugar, not fat is one of the leading causes of heart disease due to the harmful effects of fructose on metabolism. Lots of evidence also saying that it’s sugar (and not fat) that leads to excess fat and weight gain and that we should eat more healthy fats in the forms of avocados, coconut oil and olive oil as it’s critical for our bodies to function properly.

We all really enjoyed our fitness lunch last Friday (19/6) at Las Iguanas – great food, company and service. I had a lovely veg coconut curry with some salad and fried plantain then had a vegan coconut pudding with berries which was also delicious. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

Something to think about:
I’ve just come across Pedram Shojai who’s just written The Urban Monk which I’m going to order.
I’ve signed up for his free 7 day reboot program (spelling – it’s American) to help me get more energy etc.
You can sign up too if you’d like to find more time to take better care of yourself. Over the last 15 or 20 years, he’s taught his students about diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, how to have more power, vitality and clarity in life (all of which I need). Anyway, over the course of the 7 day reboot, there are lessons on how to clean up a couple of things in your life with meditation, stretches, breathing techniques etc. If this interests you too, then register on the page at:
You then have to wait for an email with a password (which you can change later) and start the program. Good luck and enjoy.

‘Don’t focus on how much you eat, focus on what you eat’ – FMTV
‘To insure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life’ William Londen

On Saturday, we went to Breadshare Community Bakery and Cafe (I’ve mentioned it before). They’re at 11-12 Seafield Road East. They make nutritious bread using organic ingredients and we bought some sourdough and some rye loaves and stayed for a coffee and pot of green tea too. After that, we had a walk along Portobello Prom and the weather was getting warmer and it was great to get some fresh air.
Portobello Beach 25 June 16
From there, we went to the Grassmarket and walked round the stalls, and I had a lovely plantain veg lasagne for lunch (plantain instead of pasta) and it was delicious.
It was just like being on holiday abroad, walking around in the sunshine, street food, stalls, café culture and people watching – perfect. Get out and about and soak up the atmosphere. You’ll soon surpass your 10,000 steps!

Today, 27 June is National Sunglasses Day. Throughout this week, The Vision Council will be working with local and national consumer media outlets to bring attention to the importance of UV eye protection.
Will you be wearing your sunnies today?

A quote: “You shouldn’t give up. Fight for yourself and who you are. You’ve got to go through the worst times in life to get the best”.

Work out with me by clicking on short videos on my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel at
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

Class costs: £5 each / when we start our new Summer 6 week block from Tue 12 + Thurs 14 July, you might want to opt to pay £29 for each 6 week block of Tue or Thurs Fitness Pilates classes (guarantees place + saves time) / £8 for both Thursday Yoga/Pilates classes /£45 for ALL classes in a month.

Connecting with Susan

I look forward to seeing you this week for more fitness and fun