Fitness Newsletter 26 November
Newsletter – 26 November 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter

This is week 1 of our 3 week pre Christmas classes! They’re on from 27/11 – 14/12.
Come and join our classes, work out with us if you want to improve your fitness, health and feel better and have more energy.
All classes are for men and women and details are on the Classes page.

You’re welcome to join us in any of our classes so prepare to get yourself fit for look amazing for the festive party season.

Did you know?

– I’m still taking names (24 of us so far) for our pre-Christmas lunch on 10 December at 1pm, David Bann’s Veggie Restaurants so if you regularly attend our fitness classes, let me know if you’d like to come and join us.

– We’re into December next week (already!) and we have 2 week’s of December’s Complementary Fitness classes. Last month, we started a monthly, all classes payment plan and as there are only 2 week of classes in December, you may want to pay for a ½ month payment plan for ALL classes during December cost only 25 for 10 classes – bargain. Let me know if you’re interested.

– Your 2013 Passport to Complementary Fitness and health starts with classes from Tue 8 January. Commit to fitness and health in the New Year for a New You. You can book your place/s in Tuesday and Thursday’s 6 week block of Fitness Pilates classes now too. Put all the new class dates in your new diary and prepare to get yourself fit, strong, healthy, happy and confident.

Something to think about

Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don’t like your life, it’s time to start making better choices.
Repeat this Affirmation several times: Today is the day I start making better choices.

Sometimes when you are down it’s easy to hide away. But always remember that just a call, hug, brief chat, giggle with someone you care about or cares about you can help you through a difficult patch! Don’t be a hero and reach out when you need too! That’s what friends are for. Count me as your friend. I care.

I don’t fear failure. I fear succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.” Dan Erickson

Health & Lifestyle

I hope you’re loading up on your leafy greens to up your antioxidants – your immune system will thank you for it.

Minimise stress levels with plenty of quality sleep and meditation. They say that every hour before midnight is worth 2 after so try and get to bed by 10pm.

Will you be eating more chocolates, muffins, pastries, cake etc in the run up to, and over the festive period? Saying “well, it is Christmas”. How many pounds and inches will be added not to mention spiking insulin levels!! Stay off the chocs for a while and keep your blood sugar stable with quality protein and healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados.

New Article on my website to read:
3 Reasons Why You Should Juice.
Happy juicing/reading. There are more Articles on my website to read/re-read through too.

Just to let you know

When the party season stress starts to kick in, remember we’re having our usual ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ classes on Tue 11 and Thurs 13 Dec – bring a tea light and holder with you and we’ll chill out, relax and stretch more.

Email me at:
I look forward to seeing you soon,
Susan x

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