Fitness Newsletter 25 February
Newsletter – 25 February 2013

Hi and Welcome to this Complementary Fitness Newsletter
It’s a brand new week of fitness + exercise classes so come and join us.
All classes are for men and women – you’re welcome to join us. Details on the Classes page.

Our current new 6 week Functional, Active Fitness Pilates blocks started last week – but there are still spaces if you’d like to sign up and book your place in the Tuesday 7.30 pm class and/or Thursday 7 or 8pm classes?

Health & Lifestyle
Meditation: It’s scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to optimise our lives – boosting our immune system while enhancing our ability to put our attention where we want, when we want. (which is probably *the* most important skill we can develop!)

Here’s how Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis (puts it: “Suppose you read about a pill that you could take once a day to reduce anxiety and increase contentment, would you take it? Suppose further that the pill has a great variety of side effects, all of them god; increased self-esteem, empathy and trust – it even improves memory!
The pill exists. It’s called meditation.”

If you’d like 32 interviews to you for FREE from 4-8March, entheos will be streaming these!
You’ll need to sign up/get your free ticket though:

Recipe for raw cacao smoothie
Raw cacao is not only a deliciously, rich and incredibly healthy alternative to chocolate, it’s also a powerful superfood that can help you to lose weight, improve your concentration and even heighten your libido. For an instant boost of energy first thing in the morning, or indeed at any other time of day, try this temptingly creamy, intensely chocolate flavoured, raw cacao powder smoothie. (recipe from Detox Your World’s superfoodblog)

-125 grams of hemp seeds, 2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder
-1 or 2 teaspoons of lucuma powder (according to taste)
-1 teaspoon of vanilla powder, 1 banana, ½ an avocado, ½ a litre of water
just place all of the ingredients into your blender, blast for around 30 seconds and enjoy

Complementary Fitness Video

Class participants comments:
1) “I really enjoyed the class last night. The muscles in the back of my legs are pretty sore this morning but no pain, no gain!
It’s exactly what I was hoping it would be to be honest. I walk quite a bit and go to the gym about twice a week, but purely for aerobic exercise, so Pilates will be great for building up my muscles and helping me tone my body overall’ (from Anita, after her 1st Fitness Pilates class on 19 Feb).

2) “Just had to say what a brilliant work-out this morning (Fri 22/2), thoroughly enjoyed the warm up, using the Kettlebells and the aerobic section also, great music as well. Looking forward to next Friday!
The Wednesday class is equally as enjoyable. I have been coming to your classes for over 17 years now and have NEVER ever been bored by the routines, music etc. You always make it look so easy and with regular attendance, I feel so much fitter and healthier! – Long may that last! I would definitely recommend your classes to all. (Joan B)

Did you know?
I was asked the other day about coping with a sugar addiction and cravings for food and thought I’d put some info here (parts of an article taken from fellow instructor Jill from Hate It, Change It) … Stress and excess blood sugar can deplete feel-good hormones in the brain making you tired and fatigued, causing sugar cravings and hunger for sweet, sugary carbs.
Coffee and caffeinated beverages (including diet coke and pepsi) can also raise blood sugar levels leading to cravings.

Something to think about
*Start you first meal with a protein based breakfast

*Increase protein and vegetable intake at your main meals

*Consider snacking on nuts or some form of protein to manage cravings in the day and in-between meals when needed

*Increase insulin sensitivity with resistance training, sleep and walking

*Improve sleep time and quality

*Improve how you deal with stress (yoga, walking, mediation, spending time with families, hobbies)

*Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol

*Try drinking green tea

*Use natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Xylitol to sweeten things while you balance your blood sugars

*Even out your meals through a 12 hour window during the day. Aim to fast over night for at least 12 hours ie if dinner is at 6pm don’t eat again till breakfast at 6am where possible.

*Use dark chocolate to help with cravings. Either eat a few squares or use 100% organic cocoa powder to make a hot drink – this helps balance brain chemistry

*5-10 mins power naps or mindfulness during the day to balance stress hormones.

Diary dates:
Fairtrade Fortnight 25 Feb – 10 March, news and events

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I look forward to seeing you soon, take care,

Susan x

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