Fitness Newsletter 22 October

Newsletter – 22 October 2012
Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter

Time seems to be rushing by with Halloween almost here and the clocks changing this weekend.
Look out for a brand new spooky Halloween workout on Wed 31/10 – see details below.
There’s still time to look and feel great for up and coming autumn and festive nights out.
You can do that by joining our classes NOW, sign up, come along and work out with us.
All classes are for men and women (not pregnancy, sorry).
Updated class details are on the Classes page.

Did you know?

I sent out a new style newsletter on Friday about our forthcoming Halloween workout. It will probably have gone to your Junk Box (rather than Inbox) as it was sent from ‘Susan Complementary Fitness’. If you have/haven’t seen the newsletter yet, please make sure that you click ‘not junk’ or similar link so that these are then sent directly to your Inbox.

If you always take your supplements with your morning tea or coffee, you could be short-changing your health. Popping your pills with hot drinks, particularly caffeinated ones, can hamper the absorption of the vitamins and minerals you’re having so have your vitamins with a large glass of water instead.

You can now pay £49 monthly and attend as many Complementary Fitness morning and evening classes as you like in the month. eg in November, there are 23 classes that you can attend to help you get fit, strong, toned and supple. (FYI: because there are only 2 weeks of classes in December, the cost will be £25). If you can attend morning classes and would like to try a Fitness Pilates evening class, this would be a great opportunity for you. Let me know if you too would like to take up this offer.

Health + Lifestyle
We all suffer from the stresses and strains in life and some consume wine or alcohol every evening to wind down, eat heavily processed, ready-made or low-nutrient foods when we think we don’t have enough time to prepare nutritionally balanced meals. If we don’t have time or need to get our ever-increasing amount of projects or tasks completed, we might rely on sugar-laden ‘treats’ in a bid to stay alert and focused but in a bid to break this cycle, you could buy and make sure you eat fresh fruit, nuts and seeds (preferably organic) as they’re an excellent starting point for a nutritional fix. B and C vitamins are known nerve soothers so eat plenty of fresh fruit incl berries and a handful of nuts and seeds each day. Minerals become depleted with chronic stress but increasing your mineral uptake will help with energy production. Magnesium rich foods are thought to help sleep so dark green veggies are a must. An imbalance of unhealthy fats can lead to chronic systemic inflammation so make sure you eat plenty of omega oils.

Something to think about
Life’s too short. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you cant change.” Susan Zoccali

Over prepare, then go with the flow. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.
Envy is a waste of time. You have all you need.

Just to let you know
that I’m dedicated to your fitness success.

Email me at:
Thanks for reading this week’s Complementary Fitness newsletter,
I look forward to seeing you soon,

Susan x

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