Fitness Newsletter 21 October

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Health & Exercise
Keep at it, you will get there

Nut and Seed Energy Balls
These intensely rich, super-seed and nut butter treats are meant to be consumed in small portions — one or two at a time — not all at once! Unlike other energy snacks, you need no blender or food processor to make them. This makes a great late-afternoon pick-me-up, post-workout snack, or even a good way to start the day. Use different nut butters, seeds, and dried fruits to vary it each time you make it. Makes about 1 dozen :
· 1/2 cup organic smooth peanut, cashew, or almond butter
· 1/3 cup hemp, sesame, or chia seeds, or as needed
· 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
· 2 tablespoons maple syrup or agave nectar
· 1/4 cup raisins or dried cranberries, cherries, or blueberries
Combine the nut butter, seeds, and syrup in a small bowl. Work together with a fork/spoon. Depending on the texture of the nut butter, you may need to work in more seeds. It should be easy to take a small clump of this mixture and form into a ball. Work in the dried fruit of choice. With slightly damp hands, roll small clumps into balls not more than 1 inch in diameter and arrange on a small plate. Eat at once, or refrigerate for an hour or so.

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Something to think about
We can eat the healthiest meal in on Earth, but if it’s eaten during an anxious state, its nutritional value is dramatically diminished.*

We like to believe that “Thin = Happy”. It’s simple, it’s mathematical. However, it’s just not true*

Fun Fact
Buckwheat is not wheat or even a grain It’s a fruit seed that is part of the rhubarb and sorrel family.*

Cucumbers are a good source of silicon, which is needed for calcium absorption and strengthening nerve and heart tissue.*
* from @Psych_of_Eating

72 uses for ordinary household products that save money and avoid toxins

I’ve had some great feedback from all the classes last week so please continue to give me more feedback and comments about classes/how you’re getting on etc. Keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements. ALSO after reading each Fitness Newsletter, if you want to comment it or about classes, please go to the News Page of my website, click the ‘continue reading’ tab, on the latest Newsletter, scroll down to the Comment Box and type your comment. You can include your initials, first or full name, add your email address or type in ‘’. Please comment this way so that my website is more interactive, thanks.

Complementary Therapies
I’m also a Complementary Therapist and therapies include: relaxing or deep tissue remedial + sports massage, reflexology treatment or Hopi candle treatment, please get email me if you’d like to arrange an appointment with me.

Email me at:
I look forward to seeing you soon.

Susan x

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  1. Isobel Robertson  October 25, 2013

    Really enjoyed class on Thursday 24th at 7pm. I didn’t feel quite so hot and sweaty after the warm up and liked the stretches. Music is good too as singing along helps to keep me in focus. Thanks. ps Sorry can’t make next couple of classes but will be back soon. I

    • Susan  October 25, 2013

      thanks Isobel – it was great to see you last night. I’m glad that you love the class, the stretches and the music. It IS good to have great music that you can sing along to as well. I’m glad it helps you focus. You always put such a lot of effort in to your workouts, well done. We’ll miss you the next 2 weeks but look forward to seeing you soon, Susan x


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