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Fitness Newsletter 20 January

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Health & Exercise
The kidneys are an amazing organ of the body, and though so widely overlooked, they facilitate very important processes such as filtering our blood that rids us of wastes and toxins, maintaining blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte balance! So, what can we do to protect our kidneys?

Water: The most important thing anyone can do is to drink lots of good clean water. Two litres a day should be the target to aim to. This supports the kidneys in their filtration process, and helps to keep everything in great form. Carbonated soft drinks, black tea, alcohol and coffee should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

Salt: Limiting sodium intake is another important way of trying to keep a good electrolyte balance in your body, taking the pressure off the kidneys. Wherever sodium goes in the body, water follows. If you suffer from any retention of water, or puffiness under the eyes in the morning, try increasing your water intake and decreasing your sodium intake.

Food: Diets that are too high in proteins and too low in other nutrients may in turn cause damage to the kidney by making too many waste products of metabolism known as urea and ketones. Eating a diet that includes all of the food groups in moderation is the best way to avoid this from happening.
Kidney Health article by Debbie Cotton, Naturopath, CNM Lecturer

How the cycles of light and darkness affect your health and wellbeing.
Article on Dr Mercola’s website which also includes an interview video about the importance of sleep at

Something to think about
6 ways to improve your digestion

Did you know?
– come and train with me for FREE on Wednesday 22/1 at 6.30pm in a Running Session (run/walk recover, repeat combo & also this Saturday 25/1 at 9am in an outdoor Urban Gym Workout (run/walk, circuits). Both sessions start and finish at Stay Central Hotel, Cowgate (in the courtyard of the Three Sisters Hotel). Email me for more details or turn up 5 or 10 mins before we start. Wear gloves too.

– that all red wine is high in the antioxidant resveratrol and grapes from Sardinia or south west region of France are high in a heart protecting compound called procyanidins according to the journal Nature. Be aware though that a 250ml glass of 13% proof wine contains up to 3 units of alcohol.

– I’ve said it before but beetroot has a reputation as a wonder vegetable; lowering blood pressure and reducing oxygen demand during exercise.

– that McDonalds accidentally warn their employees that their food is a health hazard
Article on Dr Mercola’s website:

Diary Date/Advance Notice
Ramp Up The Red fundraising class on Friday 7 February 9.30am
As usual, we’ll be raising money for British Heart Foundation’s Ramp Up The Red Day on 7 Feb.
We’ll have our Fitness Yoga Stretch class at 9.30am in Dreghorn Loan Hall and I’d encourage you to wear anything/everything red that day in class.
I’ve started a Just Giving Page for the event and even if you can’t attend our fundraising class on 7/2, you can still donate at
I will also have a money box for cash donations too. Are you red-dy?

Email me at:

I look forward to seeing you in class/es this week/soon.

Susan x