Fitness Newsletter 2 February

All of our Complementary Fitness classes are for men and women, for all ages (16+), for men and women (except pregnancy) and all levels. A list of our classes, times, venues etc are on the Classes tab of this website.
You’re welcome to come and join us in our fun, friendly, effective community classes.
Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.

Yoga Triangle Stretch

Thanks to everyone who came along to last Friday’s Fitness Lunch to Michael Naeve Kitchen and Whisky Bar. I really enjoyed it, the food, service (even if a little slow and we were longer than we thought).


January has gone – that was quick eh? What were your achievements in January?
Let me know, I’d love to find out and celebrate them with you.

Did you make any positive lifestyle changes?
Did you go on/are on a detox? If yes, did you think about ditching some toxic household cleaning products in favour of ‘green’ ones? Or use/make your own with lemon juice, bicarb of soda, vinegar etc?
Less chemicals and more natural and environmentally friendly.

What lifestyle choices did you make? Did you decide to eat more ‘clean’ foods ie make your own food and meals from scratch rather than processed ready-meals? You know what goes in to your food when you make them yourself and hopefully, you’re using more local and organic foods and products too.

Top Dirty Dozen and Top 15 Clean Foods List
Click here…

How do you feel that your fitness, posture, balance, co-ordination and flexibility have come on in the last 4 weeks?

Fitness Yoga Warrior

Please let me know – let’s have a chat/email about it, update me on your progress and your thoughts, thanks.

Did you know that…
Juice cleanses and fasting diets can kick start your healthy eating habits and our vitamin and mineral intake and help us think about what we are actually taking in nutritionally. These can be done any day, week, month – not just January or as a New Year Resolution. Remember to drink 2 litres of water daily though to flush out toxins. It’s good to increase your fibre intake too with organic apples, ground flaxseeds, oats etc and taking a good probiotic can help improve your gut balance too.

Many people can be lacking in magnesium and low levels can lead to muscle aches and cramps. To help, we can load up on vegetables like squash and Swiss chard or we can get magnesium from a supplement.

I love soup, it’s filling, nutritious and warms you up. We made soup for lunch yesterday (well, when I say ‘we’, I mean head chef Norman) and it only took 7 minutes in the pressure cooker. We used to have and use a pressure cooker years ago then it kind of went out of fashion but we recently bought a Kuhn Rikon one for our induction hob and it’s sooo good for soups, cooking pre soaked beans etc. Here’s what went in the soup: 1 onion chopped, a whole butternut squash, peeled and chopped, 2 sweet potatoes, chopped, 2 large handfuls of kale and veg stock. After cooking, ‘we’ put in a couple of handfuls of organic, washed spinach which just wilts in the heat of the soup and added some ground pink Himalayan salt and black pepper. You can of course add some chick peas to it too and you don’t need a pressure cooker either – it’ll just take a wee bit longer to cook in a pan.

Squash kale and spinach soup 001

Something to think about:
Nicola (my daughter) has organised and registered a team of 10 of us (called ‘The Perfect 10’) and we’ve entered for the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Challenge in October. It’s a 10k race with obstacle challenges at each kilometre. In the past, I’ve done 10k and ½ marathons but never done this race/challenge before and thinking/wondering… will I be up for it? am I mad (they’ll all be so much younger than me)? Will everyone else be finished and do all the challenges and I’ll be struggling to get over ‘that wall’? I’m going to stay positive and to help and prepare for the challenge, I’m going to continue to take part in Nicola’s Insanity class on a Thursday (details below) and get out at least once a week for a run. Over the summer though, we’ll up/increase our team training. You can join us.

I’m wondering, are you up for a challenge like this?
Have you registered for a fun run, a 5 or 10k, half or full marathon this year? If you are, come and join our Complementary Fitness classes as above and/or Nicola’s classes which are:
Nicola’s Insanity class is on Thursdays 6.30pm in Dreghorn Loan Hall.
It’s a high intensity interval training class and it’s on for 45 minutes. Bring a mat and some water, wear trainers and prepare to work as hard as you can (you don’t have to keep up with anyone else and there are alternatives which Nicola demonstrates too).
The class is only £4 and it’ll really fire up your metabolism and get you in shape, fitter and stronger.

Nicola’s 30 minute Metafit class / or a run round the Meadows is on Saturdays in the Meadows 9.15am.
Let me know if you’d like to join us or meet us at Stay Central Hotel, Cowgate at 8.55/9am or Peter’s Yard, Meadows at 9.10am. Everyone (16+ and non-pregnancy) welcome in both classes.

Quad Stretch

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