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Fitness Newsletter 19 September

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Newsletter – 19 SEPTEMBER 2016

Join our Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Resistance/Conditioning Core classes to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Let’s get results, look and feel amazing in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy)

A list of our current COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES in Colinton & Craiglockhart, Edinburgh are on the Classes Where/When page. Have a look and join us this week. Email me if you want more info, see you soon.


Did you know that…
Success is a journey, not a destination. Defeat is just a state of mind. Defeat is just the first step to something better. #mondaymotivation

I bought a new high power performance blender last week (I’d had my previous one for years and make almond milk, smoothies and blend soup in it) and this new one came with a recipe book and thought I’d share a banana boosted smoothie recipe here with you so blend:
1 banana, 1 cup of spinach, 1T flaxseed meal, 2T quality protein powder, 1tsp super greens powder,
1T maca powder + 2 cups coconut water/almond milk. Enjoy before or after a workout, for breakfast or anytime.

Edinburgh Doors Open Days are on Sat 24 + Sun 25 Sept. They’re organised by The Cockburn Association
(no relation!!) and you get free entry to lots of places all over the city as well as South Queensferry and Dalmeny. Find out more at In the last couple of years, we’ve been to the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Cyrenians, Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens, Scottish Genealogy Society, Stills in Cockburn St and more. It’s really worth picking up a brochure from the library and looking through it and visiting some of the places that are open. There are also organised Walks, Talks and Tours too.

Something to think about:
According to Canadian research, we need to do 25 reps using lighter hand held weights to get the same strength building results if we used heavier weights fewer times. Working out with weights and resistance bands, strength training tones your arms, lowers heart disease risks and the risk of diabetes according to a US study.
We can also use our own body weight to build muscle too and if you want these benefits, join us in our Complementary Fitness classes.
kettlebell and weights
Side Plank

Quotes that I like:
‘Start sleeping better today to make a better tomorrow’ – @PedramShojai
‘Mindfulness is just a few breaths away’ – Dr Norman Rosenthal
Stop the coffee to start the sleep schedule of your dreams – theurbanmonk/SleepHealth
‘Mindset is more important than a six-pack’ – Jake Carney

Cinnamon not only stabilizes your blood sugar but according to a new US study, a sprinkling of cinnamon could be the key to a better memory too. I love adding it to porridge, in almond sugar-free muffins and in chia puddings and smoothies too.

This month, I thought I’d try being carb and sugar free but found that after 2 weeks, my mood was really low and I felt really lethargic. Who knew?!!! not good, what was I thinking?
I like to have energy and be bouncy (as you can see when I usually leap about and jump).
So I’ve still been eating healthily and had some bread (I would find it hard to give up entirely, especially sourdough).
I enjoy having a bowl of porridge occasionally in the morning or in the evening say after Pilates – it’s a big bowl of comfort food.
The sugar-free part: hmm I must confess – I was till Friday afternoon so that was 3 weeks of sugar-free.
I decided to have 2 squares of 70% dark chocolate which I know is better for me than 45% dark or milk or white
(ew I don’t like white at all) but what a wimp eh?
You’ve probably read/heard this before but it’s funny – ‘chocolate is the answer, doesn’t matter what the question is’!
My willpower has almost gone out of the window however, still no alcohol for me. No cheeky wee cocktail or glass of red so that’s something.
If you’re doing Sugar free September, how’s it going for you?

We’ve also been sticking to weekly menu plans, thinking in advance what we will have for breakfast, lunch and dinners for the week. We do spend an absolute fortune usually in Sainsbury’s (well… it is just down the road!) on food and shopping but have found that sticking to ‘the plan’, even with some deviations and alterations, that there’s been less waste, more organisation, cooking and preparation. We’ve had really lovely nutritious meals and we seem to have spent less too. We’ve made big pots of soup and divided some into portions, labelled them and stuck them in the freezer for another time.

Thank you again to all the ‘new people’ who’re either just about to join us, have just joined our class in the last couple of weeks and to all our faithful regulars too. It’s sooo lovely to have you in our classes – they wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep up the great work.

Work out with me by clicking on short videos on my Complementary Fitness youtube video channel at
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

I look forward to seeing you this week for continued fitness, flexibility and fun