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A list of our COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS Classes are on the Classes Page (note: change of time & venue of Thursday 22 May class – see details below)


Something to think about
Exercise/fitness: It WILL take time. It WILL require dedication, sacrifice, effort and time.
Your muscles MIGHT be sore a day or 2 after. But it WILL be worth it.

Why it’s best to write down your goals

Are you going to Spa In The City this weekend? There are 3 venues this year – St Andrew Square Gardens, Grassmarket and West End Plaza (beside House of Fraser). The event runs from 9.30am-4pm on both days.
More details in last week’s Newsletter.

Did you know?
that this Thursday 22 May, our Fitness Pilates class is in The Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church and it’s just ONE COMBINED Fitness Pilates class 7.30 – 8.30p because the Loan Hall is being used for the European Elections. Please note the change of time: 7.30pm and venue in your diary.
Park in Dreghorn Loan or Westgarth Ave and walk from there either to the Royal Bank, turn the corner, keep walking over the bridge till you get to the church and walk through the glass doors. OR walk down the steps between Fanelli’s and the pub and at the bottom of the steps, turn right across the bridge to the church.
Remember to bring your mat and water.

that on Sunday 15 June (Father’s Day), there’s a Savour Food Event in Summerhall and that there are a deal on for 2 tickets for £20 instead of £30 (for 2 people) and there are few tickets left. Go to to see more about the event and buy your tickets soon. It sounds great (got my tickets).

that you can find out lots of nutrition advice to help prevent, and for Parkinson’s, insomnia, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and you can also take a Cognitive Function Test too –

Comment: Although Amy moved to Glasgow and she hasn’t been able to come to our Tuesday Fitness Pilates class as regularly as she/we’d like, she was in Edinburgh and worked out with us last Tuesday which was a lovely surprise. Anyway, she put a lovely comment on Facebook about our class and thought I’d share it with you here (with her permission):
“it was absolutely brill to see you too and thanks for letting me gatecrash the class tonight! What an amazing workout you put us through and I’ve no doubt that I’ll be struggling to walk 2mo as a result, that shoulder bridge exercise at the end was tough! Hopefully I can get into a routine to be at your class more often as I love it! See you soon” thanks very much Amy

*UPDATED QUESTION: Thursday Fitness Pilates Class/esTimes* please email back
As numbers have been decreasing for our 8pm Thursday Fitness Pilates class (sometimes to 5 or 6), I’m wondering IF (not definite) we could/should combine the 2 current classes to one at 7.30pm from Sept onwards.
So the question is: if you currently come to the 7pm class, would you still come to the class if it was at 7.30pm? I know it would be ½ an hour later for you!!

Similarly if you come to the 8pm class, would you be able to get there ½ an hour earlier?

I need to know asap because I’ll email the hall convenor this week with my class dates for Sept 2014 – June 2015. I obviously don’t want to lose anyone from our current 2 classes though. From those who have emailed/spoken to me, the majority have said they’d still come and would make a 7.30pm class.
I appreciate that 2 or 3 may find it difficult to get to an earlier class if they have work/child care issues though – I don’t want to lose you either. If you haven’t emailed me yet, please let me know your thoughts.
As this Thursday’s class is at 7.30pm only (because of the Election & change of venue), we can see how the time change is for everyone.

Also, as in previous years, we’ve also had one combined class over the summer as so many people are away at different times and I’m planning to do the same this year for the last 2 weeks in July and 4 weeks in Aug (17 July – 21 Aug). I think we’ve had a couple of years where we kept the 7pm and 8pm class but the classes were very quiet with low numbers.

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