Fitness Newsletter 19 August
Newsletter – 19 AUGUST 2013

This is the last week of all our Summer classes. Please note that we’re on holiday next week but that ALL classes return from Tue 3 Sept. Come and join us, class details are on the Classes Page on this website.

All classes are now only £5 and are for men and women
Book up NOW to register your place for Tue/Thurs Pilates classes from 3 Sept.


Something to think about
Hope is wishing something would happen. Faith is believing something will happen. Courage is making something happen. (from

You’re only one workout away from a good mood. Remember that people!
If you are stressed out or feeling down, go for a walk/run, join our classes, go for a swim, any kind of exercise releases endorphins that will really increase your mood and your energy levels: Exercise is the best anti depressant around!

If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy.

What ever you do, always give 100% – unless you’re donating blood!!!

Anger destroys our peace of mind and causes trouble. It also hampers our ability to function properly – Dalai Lama

Eat Right For A Long Healthy Life Article

Diary Dates
1 or 8 Sept Art In The Park 2013
Art in the Park, Colinton’s annual village fair will take place in historic Spylaw Park on Sunday, 1 September or 8 September should weather force a postponement. This family friendly event will run from 11am to 5pm. Details

A recipe for your home grown courgettes: Cheesy mushroom and courgette bake serves 6
60g butter, 2 onions roughly chopped, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 1 carrot grated, 3 courgettes grated, 315g mushrooms sliced, 3 eggs lightly beaten, 2 tablespoons plain flour, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley, 60g grated cheese, fresh ground black pepper.
Topping: 60g grated cheese, 1 tablespoon sesame seeds.
Melt butter in a pan and cook onion and garlic for 2-3 mins or until onions are soft. In a large bowl, combine onion mixture, carrot, courgette, mushrooms, eggs, flour, parsley and cheese.
Season to taste with pepper. Spoon mixture into a lightly greased 18cm (7”) springform tin.
To make topping: combine cheese and sesame seeds and sprinkle over veg mixture. Bake at 180OC /350OF/Gas 4. for 30 mins or until firm and golden. Allow to stand 5-10 mins before removing from the tin. Enjoy. (recipe given by Mary Walker)

Blueberry, Peach & Almond Crumble
This is a great way to use almond meal (after making your own almond milk – see last weeks newsletter) and enjoy the abundance of summer stone fruit and berries. The protein and healthy fats in the almonds and coconut (as well as the cinnamon) help keep blood sugar levels stable, but berries and stone fruit are generally lower in sugar than other fruit anyway. This is a perfect summer dessert Makes a 9×9″ pan
Ingredients: 3/4 cup almond meal, 1/4 cup coconut nectar sugar, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, softened, 1 teaspoon sea salt, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 3/4 cup coconut flakes, 2 cups blueberries, 2 peaches, 2 nectarines.
Mix the ingredients (from almond meal to vanilla) well in a medium bowl, add the coconut and combine well. Slice the peaches and nectarines and add to the baking dish. Add the blueberries, add the crumbled topping, spreading in an even layer. Bake at 375°F for 25-30 minutes, or until top is well browned and fruit is juicy and well cooked. You may like it less cooked, so check and adjust the time as needed. (Clean Eats recipe)

Please give me all the feedback that you can about how you’re getting on in the classes, your achievements and let me know (if you haven’t already) if you’d like me to reserve you a space in the Tuesday and/or Thursday Fitness Pilates new 6 week blocks from 3 Sept (7.30pm) and 5 Sept (7pm and 8pm).

Complementary Therapies
Let me know if you’d like to book an appointment with me for a relaxing massage or deep tissue sports massage or reflexology treatment.
Please keep giving me all your feedback, keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements, thanks.

Email me at:
take care, I’ll see you in classes this week and from 3 September onwards.

Susan x

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