Fitness News 17 June 2013
Newsletter – 17 June 2013

check out our COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS CLASSES on the Classes Page

All classes are now only £5 and are for men and women
Please bring your yoga mat and water to all classes.


Did you know?
The best health is a balance of good nutrition, exercise, stress management and a healthy lifestyle.
YOU have the power to take control of your health. (Dr Mercola)

Two of the most powerful dietary interventions I know of are: 1) limiting or eliminating processed foods and 2) replacing non-vegetable carbohydrates and excess protein with healthful fats. Beneficial fats include avocados, coconut oil, olives, olive oil, butter, nuts, wild Alaskan salmon. Processed foods are notoriously high in fructose which drives multiple disease processes in your body including insulin resistance. (Dr Mercola)

“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life” (Louise Hay) Repeat 3 times daily.

Wake up in anticipation something great is going to happen today.
To be the best, you have to be able to handle the worst.
Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there – get moving.
Small changes can make a big difference.

Something to think about
How To Deal With Emotional Eating – listen to the podcast at
Also listen to this great podcast about the Cycle of Emotional Eating
There are notes and a short book list to help with these and other related issues.

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

If you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

Super brain smoothie serves 2
Blend: 2 kiwi fruits, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 2 tbsps chia seeds + 3 cups almond milk.

Chocolate Chia Pudding serves 2
Mix together: 2 cups almond milk, 1 chopped and mashed banana, ½ tsp honey, 12 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tbsp cacao powder, ½ cup chia seeds, 3-4 tbsp dried fruit, 3-4 tsp cacao nibs, sprinkle ground cinnamon. Let the pud set in the fridge for at least ½ an hour – enjoy.

Summer Lunch Monday 24 June at 12.30 pm at Calistoga in Rose Street North Lane.
Let me know asap if you’d like to join us for lunch. The restaurant is in a lane between Castle Street and Frederick Street and up Rose Street North Lane and round the corner. The lane is next to Gregg’s bakers – walk up then round the corner to the left and you’ll see the restaurant.
Have a look on their website at the end of this week for their current menu which is 2 courses for £12 + £3 extra for 3rd course and £2 extra for tea/coffee. There’s also a £2 supplement on steak.
I’ve booked it for about 22 people but will let them know how many of us are going so please let me know this week. You can email me but I’ll have a list in classes too.
If you work out with us in our Complementary Fitness classes, you’re welcome to join us for lunch – I’m looking forward to it and to trying this restaurant (I’ve not been before).

Complementary Therapies
Get in touch with me if you’d like to make an appointment for a Swedish or Remedial + Sports Massage, Reflexology or Hopi candle treatments at £30 for an hour’s treatment with me at my house. Email me for details.

I love all your feedback – please keep it coming, keep me updated on your health and fitness improvements, thanks.

Email me at:
take care, see you soon

Susan x

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