Fitness Newsletter 17 December
Newsletter – 17 December 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter

Although our classes have finished and we’re having a break, I’ll continue to send you weekly newsletters.
A big THANK YOU very much for being part of Complementary Fitness classes this year, it wouldn’t be the same without you!
I hope that you’ll continue to come to classes when we start back up again in January.
Remember that you can book your place in class/es NOW to ensure your place.

All classes are for men and women. 2013 New Year, New You Complementary Fitness classes start back 8 Jan so book your place in a new 6 week Fitness Pilates courses, email me, use

Did you know?

– Morning classes are PAYG, no need to book, just turn up, join in, £5 each.
You can book a Tue or Thurs 6 week Fitness Pilates block for £39 (or PAYG £8 per class)
OR for every/all classes in January starting 8/1, you could opt to pay £49 in January’s Monthly Payment.
Let me know which option you’d like to go for.

Something to think about
Four things that can never be recovered: 1) the stone after it’s thrown, 2) the word after it’s spoken, 3) the occasion after it’s missed, and 4) the time after it’s gone.

Before you speak, THINK: 1) is it True, 2) Is it Helpful, 3) is it Inspiring, 4) is it Necessary, 5) is it Kind.

Details and dates for Free Environmental Workshops:
1) Woodland Tracks and Trails (bushcraft for families) Sat 12 January, 10am-1pm, Hailes Quarry Park, Edinburgh

2) Bird Watching Sat 23 February, 10am-1pm, Colinton Dell, Edinburgh
Booking is essential. All workshops are FREE!!
There are other free workshops in March & April – email Ruth below for details
For further info or to book, email Ruth Wyatt at or call 0131 445 4025

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent – Quote by Marilyn vos Savant, writer.

Health & Lifestyle
With the weather changing now we’re into winter, it is important to help protect yourself from catching coughs, colds and viruses
A really good Active Manuka 10+ Honey is recommended for general health and wellbeing and 30+ to help fight coughs and sore throats. Take 3 teaspoons daily, place the spoon of honey in the mouth and let it gradually dissolve. Taking the honey in this way helps to fight the bacteria and viruses that cause coughs and sore throats and also helps to soothe it.
I’m a big fan of Manuka honey (and always buy at least 10+ UMF).

New Website Articles:
I’ve added 2 new Articles on my website which you can see if you click on the Fitness tab and under Fitness Info, you’ll see the Articles tab. New Articles are at the top and they are: Is It Better To Exercise Or Rest When You’re Sick? and when you scroll down, you’ll see the 2nd new Articles which is: The 3 Step Plan To Rid Your Body Of Inflammation Naturally.
When you click on this 2nd and subsequent Articles, you’ll have to scroll back up the page to read them. I hope you find all the Articles interesting – enjoy!

Just to say “thank you very much”…
For lunch in David Bann’s last week, thanks very much for my lunch and for joining us and for your company too.
I really enjoyed it and hope that you did too.

Also another massive THANK YOU for working out in Complementary Fitness Classes in 2012, I’ve loved having you in class/es and working out with you and hope that you’ll continue to improve your fitness and health with us in 2013. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Please encourage friends, colleagues, neighbours to join us too, thanx.

Looking Forward…
Although are classes have finished for 2012 and we’re all having a well-earned rest, I’m also excited and looking forward to seeing you and working out with you in 2013. I’ve got plans to improve my own as well as your: fitness, strength, vitality, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, health, wellbeing, balance, core, legs, back and just about every muscle group! Sounds like a plan but you know me… aiming towards a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition is SOOoo important. The plan is to share this with you, that we improve and achieve our new goals and aspirations. I’m interested to know what YOUR new goals are for the new year so let me know.

If you love Complementary Fitness classes, please let me know. Give me some feedback.
I’d love to know your thoughts, likes and dislikes.
For me, I love our friendly, fun community classes where we get to know each other, make friends and we can socialise together too.

Look out for Wear Red for BHF in Feb, more charity and special occasion events, workouts and fun too. I hope you’ll join us.

Email me at:
See you soon, take care,
Susan x

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