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Fitness Newsletter 15 April

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Fitness Newsletter 15 April

Hi and Welcome to this Complementary Fitness Newsletter
As you’ll now know, all classes are now only £5 each come and join us, it’s week 3
All classes are £5 and are for men and women and details on the Classes Page

As usual, we’ve had great feedback again from last week’s classes – come and give them a try.

Last week, I decided to invest in a pair of vivobarefoot technology shoes with an ultra thin sole that I’m now wearing for Pilates and Pilates/Yoga classes.
Verdict: great, I’d recommend them or a similar pair.


Diary date: Saturday 27 April Annual Parkinson’s Coffee Morning
The annual Parkinson’s Coffee Morning is on 10am and 12 noon in Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall and tickets are £1.50 from Ursula Adams or you can pay on the door.
Price includes tea/coffee and biscuits. Buy: home baking, raffle tickets and much more.
Make it a date and come and support this local charity event – see you there.

Health & Lifestyle
Watch your weight – excess pounds, especially around the middle, can affect posture.
Keep Active – 30 minutes of exercise a day helps your back.
Try Pilates – building your core stability muscles will protect your back.

8 Foods That You Should Always Buy (and why) click on the link below
(avocado, berries, cruciferous vegetables, coconut oil, fermented foods, leafy greens, free range eggs and turmeric)

Latest Research:
How Long Do You Spend Sitting?
Recent research suggests people who sit for long periods are more likely to develop conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Now a new study by Northestern Medicine reports that women who exercise regularly actually spend as much time sitting down as women who don’t! The study took 91 healthy women aged between 40 and 75 who used an activity monitor to record their time spent sitting, standing and stepping and engaged in 10 minute bouts of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Many of the women met or exceeded the 150 minutes per week of moderate – intensity aerobic activity that is recommended in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans however, on average, they actually sat down for 9 hours a day! The first author of the study said “I think some people assume ‘If I’m getting my 30-40 minutes of physical activity a day, I’m doing what I need to do for my health’… but negative health consequences are associated with prolonged sitting and this study shows that, just because you’re physically active, doesn’t mean you’re sitting less”.
(Research Fitness article in FitPro)

Did you know?
Most of the things you worry about never happen!

I went to Lidl, Gorgie Road at the weekend and bought 6 garden mats at £1.99 each so that if anyone wants to buy one, you can get one from me to use in our Pilates classes for more cushioning under knees, forearms, head etc.
I’ll bring the mats to classes this week. Just to let you know that Lidl had some more left too.

Something to think about
Your life doesn’t get better by chance – it gets better by choice. Make good choices.

I may not be there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday.

As a Complementary Therapist with over 12 years experience I’m offering Swedish or Remedial + Sports Massage, Reflexology and Hopi candle treatments if you want to make an appointment with me. Email me for details.

With our thoughts, we make the world – Buddha

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take care,
Susan x