Fitness Newsletter 14 July

Our 6 week Summer Complementary Fitness Classes are on the Classes where/when page

6 weeks of Summer, All level classes for men and women 15 July-22 Aug
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals
£5 pay as you go classes.


Did you know?
That one of the benefits of regularly practising Fitness Pilates is better alignment.
I thought I’d give you some of the key benefits of improved alignment here:
v The impact of gravity on your spine and joints will be reduced every day, whether you are moving or at rest.
v The risk of strain or injury is lessened with good alignment, particularly with more challenging and dynamic exercises.
v Improvements in your posture, how you carry yourself and how you move every day result from awareness of body alignment.

Let’s look at the benefits of strength today and why it’s so important :
Key benefits of improved strength
v You’re less likely to suffer from muscular and joint aches and pains, or to injure yourself because your balance and the way you carry yourself will improve
v You rev up your metabolism by building muscle so that even when not exercising, your stronger body burns more calories.
v Strength leads to greater health – you can lower your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol levels.
v Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga Stretch and our Core Conditioning classes build strength from the inside out, from your deep core muscles so that they support your body effectively in movement and outwards to the limbs.
v Reduced tension and strain in the body results from a strong core which will also allow your muscles to be free to work with an intensity that will create great results.

Did you also know….
that the longest cell in the body is a neuron. The longest axon in the human body extends from the bottom of the spine to the big toe and averages a length of approximately three feet!

that although our 6 weeks of Summer classes start this week from Tuesday 15 July – Fri 22 August, we can’t use Craiglockhart Large Hall on Tue 12 August because the hall is being painted all that week, sorry. That would’ve been ‘week 5’. I’ll remind you nearer the time.

that Exercise May Promote Diversity Of Gut Bacteria – article by Dr Mercola. Read all about it by clicking on the link

Something to think about
Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It simply means you have to work hard.

I love this ……. Success Habits
Before you pray, believe. Before you speak, listen. Before you spend, earn. Before you write, think. Before you quit, try and Before you die, live.

I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing you again in our classes this week, I’ve missed you – I know it’s only been 2 weeks (or so) since we last worked out together but I’ve organised some new workouts and music mixes and can’t wait exercise and work out with you soon. I’d also encourage you to persuade your friends, colleagues and neighbours – guys too – to join us in all our classes, see you soon.

Please remember
that our Fitness Pilates on a Thursday is just one combined class at 7.30pm.
Bring your mat, water to keep hydrated and lots of enthusiasm with you – see you soon

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Susan x

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