Fitness Newsletter 11 February
Newsletter – 11 February 2013

Hi and Welcome to this Complementary Fitness Newsletter
It’s week 6 of classes and school half term this week but classes are all on – details on the Classes page.


Diary date: Thursday 14 Feb is Valentine’s Day and Fitness Pilates 7pm and 8pm classes are on – please come and join us. *I’m going to make heart shaped raw cacao chocolates and will give one to each person who works out with us at our 7 or 8pm Fitness Pilates
I hope you like them. Read about the benefits of eating raw cacao below**

Roses are red, violets are blue, come and work out with me and you’ll get fit too!

New 6 week Functional, Active Fitness Pilates blocks start next week – have you signed up and booked your place in the Tuesday 7.30 pm class and/or Thursday 7 or 8pm classes?
There’s still time, email me or add your name to the class list.

Health & Lifestyle

The Benefits of Exercise: according to some research scientists and Harvard psychologists, they’re saying that “exercise is as effective as Zoloft and other anti depressants in reducing depression”. Also that “not exercising is like taking a depressant”!!! – it doesn’t make sense to take a depressant – right? and Dr Bob Butler says “if there was a drug that provided all the benefits that exercise does, the whole world would be taking it”.

Q: are you exercising? A: yes if you regularly attend my classes/go to the gym/run/walk etc but it’s important to exercise consistently ie don’t exercise once then take a month off. Make exercise goals and schedule in exercise and classes into your day/week and in your diary. Exercise every day – even walking 15 or 20 minutes or longer daily will improve your fitness, mood, lifestyle and wellbeing. Commit to movement and exercise and make it fun too. Make sure that exercise is a key component to your overall living strategy.

5 sexy and slimming foods for Valentine’s Day
by Jody Geigle/MindBodyGreen

1) **Cacao – as though you need another reason to eat chocolate! Eating high quality, antioxidant-loaded cacao encourages the production of serotonin, a feel-good hormone that amplifies feelings of well being and happiness.

2) Chilli Pepper – not only do chilli peppers boost metabolism, they also contain concentrates quantities of capsaicin, a potent chemical that increases the heart rate, amplifies the sensitivity of nerve endings and stimulates the release of endorphins.

3) Mustard – If you don’t believe that mustard is indeed a sexy food, maybe a quick history lesson will change your mind. Monks in the Middle Ages were prohibited from eating mustard because it was believed to intensity sexual temptation. This tangy yellow condiment increases adrenalin, lowers blood pressure and boosts metabolism.

4) Oysters – high levels of zinc in oysters increase testosterone levels.

5) Asparagus – amplify your sex drive with vitamin B6 and potassium loaded asparagus. This body healthy green is a natural diuretic that is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals which streamline your body and reduce bloat.

Incorporate these proven aphrodisiac foods into a creative Valentine’s Day dinner nourishing both your body and your bond.

Did you know?
-that so far, we’ve raised £115 in donations plus an extra 25% which is £28.75 in Gift Aid for British Heart Foundation’s Rock Up In Red Day which was on Fri 1 Feb. Thanks very much to everyone who’ve donated to the charity already.

-that walnuts are a great source of nutrients, particularly protein and essential fatty acids – pick up a free packet in Holland & Barrett when you buy a copy of their Healthy magazine.

-that coconut oil is fantastic in food and has so many benefits. It doesn’t degrade at high temperatures unlike many other oils and you can use it in smoothies and on your skin as a moisturizer. It’s high in lauric acid (a type of saturated fatty acid) which can speed up metabolism and great for your joints. Go for extra virgin, raw, cold pressed coconut oil to really benefit your health.

-that there’s a new Article on my website, have a look. It’s called ‘3 ways to stop being so hard on yourself’. (note to self: I must read and re-read this every day, forever!)

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I look forward to seeing you soon, take care,
Susan x

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