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Join us to get fit, toned, help attain your goals and keep progressing – check out our Classes page and work out with us in our fun, effective classes. All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)

Classes finish up Fri 12 Dec and re-start Tue 6 January 2015
Put the dates in your diary and book up for January’s Tue and/or Thursday Fitness Pilates classes NOW to secure your place.
£30 for a 6 week block (secures your place) or £5 pay as you go classes
Commit to working out with us to achieve your New Year health + fitness goals


Did you know that
this week and next of pre-Christmas classes to get fit and trim and looking fabulous till we break for the holidays so come and join us soon. We finish up on Fri 12 Dec and we start back again on Tue 6 Jan – put the dates in your diary and book your place for Tue/Thursday Fitness Pilates classes at 7.30pm.
Remember that this and next week’s Tuesday and Thursday Fitness Pilates classes are ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ classes too so remember to bring your tea light and holder with you then. In those December classes, we’ll still warm up and work out but 20-30 minutes at the end, will be about relaxation, stretching, de-stressing and breathing. Sounds good to me! You?

Pilates by candlelight

Pilates by candlelight

I was looking through ALL of my previous Fitness Newsletters (for the last 2½ years) and if you have a browse through, you’ll find some really interesting tips, recipes, articles to re-read through.

Nicola’s Thursday 6.30pm Insanity class (Dreghorn Loan Hall) is on so come and join us. Nicola’s also coming along to join our class on Friday 5 Dec to put us ‘through our paces’ but for only 15 minutes to show us what her Insanity classes are all about. Wear your trainers. The remainder of the class will be our usual Yoga Stretch class.
Nicola’s Saturday 9.15am Metafit class is on if you want to join her in the Meadows.

Read these articles on Dr Mercola’s site about moving more if you sit at your desk/computer all day and the other article is about ageing well and mind over matter. There are lots of interesting articles on his website. If you click on either article and a small pop up screen/video pops up, wait then click the X close button and continue reading the article.

Please email me with some feedback about our classes – Fitness Pilates, Yoga Stretch, our recent Circuit Training Classes or our current Salsa Fitness class. With your permission, I’d like to put the feedback comment in next week’s Newsletter and update my website too if ok with you. eg ‘I love the variety of exercises/stretches’ or ‘Since working out in Susan’s classes, I feel that …… back’s / core strength .. has improved’.

Something to think about:
Even though it’s just the first week in December and there are another 3+ more weeks left in 2014, regardless of how far we’ve travelled, each year we go on a journey.
Can you remember where you were when you started at the beginning of 2014?
Before you soon set off on a new journey into 2015, making plans, renewing, updating plans and commitments, take some time to reflect on the year that has passed.
So grab yourself a cup of (herbal) tea and a pen and make a list of –
What you achieved in 2014 ie a fitness/personal/business goals?
Did you travel, move, have another addition to your family, study or get another job or retire?
Fill the whole page, write down everything that you did/achieved so far.
Wow, amazing eh? You did such a lot.
What do you still want to achieve this year?

You could start a new list for 2015 but make sure your goals are realistic and achievable and don’t put yourself under too much pressure either.
You might be the kind of person who doesn’t make lists and would prefer to ‘go with the flow’ with less stress, less hassle and you know what your limits are. Sounds good too.

I thought you might be interested to read this article about the benefits of organic honey and turmeric as a combination (both of which I love)

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See you soon
Susan x

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