Fitness & Lifestyle Newsletter 20 August
Newsletter – 20 August 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
This is our last week of Summer fitness and lifestyle classes, no classes next week as we’re having a break but see the new term fitness classes timetable below to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing.

Details of our COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS classes are on the CLASSES page:
All Level classes are for men and women (not pregnancy, sorry) so come and join us.


Client Testimonials
Have a look on the Home Page of my website (scroll down, under the 2 class video examples) – there are 2 new comments about the Wellness & Vitality classes and the Be The Change classes – thanks Julia and Mandy.

Menopause cake recipe and website info
Mandy kindly sent me a website link for a menopause cake recipe and I thought I’d pass it on to you. You’ll see the website also has loads of info you’ll find interesting.
Here’s the link: (Thanks again Mandy).

Remember to
*Book your place in the new term 6 week block of Complementary Fitness Fitness Pilates classes starting Tuesdays 7.30 pm from 4 Sept and Thursdays 7pm or 8pm from 6 Sept.
Committing to and paying for a whole block/both blocks up front, means you’re more likely to attend and to achieving your fitness goals. You can also pay as you go in these classes too.
*Put Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30 am in your diary and attend Body Conditioning and Cardio Fit classes from 5 & 7 Sept too – they’re PAYG £5 per class.

*Encourage your friends, colleagues, neighbours etc to join all our classes as they’re for men and women.

Did you know?
Barley grass and wheatgrass balance blood acidity, promote cellular detoxification, and are both excellent antioxidant foods

Enzymes in raw food provide a jump start to the digestive process reducing stress on the body, conserving the body’s own supply of enzymes

Hijiki, Arame & Wakame (sea vegetables) contain more than 10 times the calcium of milk.

Good vegan sources of iron: green vegetables, cherries, raisins, molasses. Iron is used to help the body absorb oxygen into the blood.

Health + Lifestyle
Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date – focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.

Do you want a different dairy free, soya free yoghurt? Try Co Yo natural or flavoured coconut yoghurts (Real Foods stock them) – for details They’re delicious.

About Cinnamon: The scent of cinnamon is proven to improve memory and cognitive skills. It’s high in fibre, iron, calcium and manganese, it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that cinnamon helps to regulate and stabilise blood sugar. Routine cinnamon consumption can lower bad cholesterol. It also relieves pain associated with PMS and balances hormones in women.

Aim to eat more/majority organic, whole and plant based foods to improve your health.
Research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to consume sugar and high fat foods during the day. When it comes to how much sleep you need, the consensus appears to be around 7 hours as a minimum.

Something to think about…
Dedicate at least half an hour of your day to yourself. Shut your door and sit quietly with a book, magazine and a cup of tea. Give yourself some quiet time. It is vital for managing stress levels and overall hormonal balance.

Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are completely; the good and the bad and make changes as YOU see fit – not because you think someone else wants you to be different.

The only one who can tell you “you can’t” is you – and you don’t have to listen.

Forgiveness is the trait most strongly linked to happiness.

Invest in your health now, you can keep yourself on the preventative side of health & go forward with a very healthy & harmonious life.

White rice, white flour, white bread, white noodles may tempt your taste buds but are stripped of essential fibre and B vitamins.

How much fruit is in fruit juice drink? As little as 5% according to a British Food Commission study published in Living Earth & Food Magazine.

Even if you’re running late for work, you must eat breakfast. It will stop you snacking mid-morning or overeating at lunchtime. Plus, it’ll speed up your metabolism. Great options are porridge or fruit and yoghurt (you could try CoYo, see above).

Think Positive – Be conscious of your focus, physiology and the language that you use. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘thoughts become things’. Whether your aim is to improve your health, lose weight or run a marathon, you’ll hamper your own progress if you constantly focus on past failures and use negative affirmations. Remember the past doesn’t equal the future unless you focus on it. Similarly, be aware of how you hold yourself. It may sound simple, but our physiology is intricately linked to our emotions and if you’re slumped and lethargic in your posture, you won’t feel motivated. Focus on things that make you feel happy, loved and fulfilled and exercise these emotions as you would your muscles. They’ll grow stronger the more you use them.

“Every day I say thank you for what I want to see more of in my life”

Email me at:
I look forward to seeing you soon,
Susan x

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  1. Mandy  August 20, 2012

    Be the Change has been a really informative class and a great way of meeting people at a similar stage in life. It’s also been really good fun having the opportunity to try out different types of exercise – Susan puts so much effort into all that she does

  2. Julia  August 20, 2012

    Have really enjoyed the Wellness & Vitality Class – Susan’s enthusiasm is infectious and her positive vibes are just what you need on a week night after work! Susan provides so much information on all aspects of well-being – it makes you want to embrace the lifestyle!

  3. Joyce  August 21, 2012

    ‘Wellness and Vitality Classes – I have enjoyed taking part in this class between the different types of exercises and the tasty recipe samples provided. Susan spends lots of time providing copious amounts of information to help us to feel good inside and look good on the outside too. Looking at what she achieves makes you want to get out there and embrace life’.


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