Fitness & Lifestyle Newsletter 13 August
Newsletter – 13 August 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
This is week 5 of our Summer fitness and lifestyle classes to improve your fitness, health, wellbeing and positivity. All Level classes for men and women (not pregnancy) details on the Classes page.

Join us to improve your posture, strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.
Post Olympics: Go For Gold – let’s add to Team GB Pilates. have you been to any Fringe/Festival shows? Let me know what you’d recommend (or avoid!), have fun, be a tourist in your own city. There’s also a ½ price ticket tent at the bottom of the Mound.

Remember to
* drink at least 1.5litres of water a day to flush out toxins from the body. Water helps to banish fluid retention which can often leave you looking bloated. Add a squeeze of lemon for a metabolism-boosting kick.

* increase your fibre – foods that are high in fibre help you sweep your system clean from the inside, reducing constipation and giving you a flatter-looking toned tum. They also fill you up so you’re less likely to binge. What to eat? Vegetables and wholegrains are naturally high in filling fibre.

* get plenty of sleep – when it comes to good health, sleep is just as important as exercise and nutrition. Sleep determines eating habits, brain development and productivity, cellular repair and more. It’s also a huge factor in fat loss. Not enough sleep can lead to the release of stress hormones that encourage fat deposition and difficulty keeping muscle mass optimal. Make the most of your sleep by creating calm in the bedroom, being consistent with sleeping patterns and eating well.

Myths and facts
I thought all saturated fats were bad for me – coconut oil may be high in fat but it’s a special sort of fat called medium chain triglycerides which is processed differently to other fats and is used as an energy source rather than for storage. So eating this oil will give you plenty of the energy you need to work out hard while keeping you lean – result!

The biggest myth about fat storage is that consuming dietary fat causes you to store body fat. Actually, carbohydrates in amounts that raise insulin is what prompts fat storage. According to a book called The Primal Blueprint, the majority of our diet should consist of meat, fish and eggs, vegetables and healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado.

Did you know?
* 1lb body fat = 3,500 calories. To lose weight/body fat, reduce your usual calorie intake by around 500 calories a day to lose about 1lb of fat a week. Although not all calories are equal: so eat a nutrient-dense, well balanced diet. (also see tip No 5 below re exercise).

* at the bottom of my Home Page on my website, under Recent Tweets (in the purple coloured section, below Client Testimonials), you can read interesting facts and info that I’ve tweeted or re-tweeted. These are frequently updated, have a look.

* food rich in omega-3 is great for your skin – eat salmon, sardines and walnuts.

* eating just 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day almost halves your risk of dying from heart disease (source: European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition).

* the fat found iun avocados, nuts and olive oil can triple the chances of conceiving for women undergoing IVF according to a Harvard study.

* juicing a few carrots, a (raw) beetroot and a handful of parsley makes a delicious and healthy drink.

* organic wholegrain foods such as bread, pasta and rice contain more vitamins and minerals and fewer chemicals than non-organic.

Health + Lifestyle
5 Top Tips for a healthy lifestyle:
1 stay hydrated – drink still water and herbal teas throughout the day. Keeping well hydrated during exercise has been shown to improve performance.

2 eat a wide variety of food – most of us buy the same 10% of foods for 90% of the time so try introducing 2 new foods to your shopping list every week.

3 fuel up frequently – eat the right foods little and often. Although you eat more regularly at set times of the day, you still lose weight.

4 eat breakfast – a balanced breakfast containing protein will supply you with enough fuel to help maintain energy levels and set your metabolism up for the day.

5 exercise is essential – healthy eating must go hand in hand with exercise. Exercise increases your metabolic rate – the speed at which your body uses up food as energy.

Something to think about
Don’t focus on your trouble spots – improving your muscle tone means developing muscles and reducing your overall body fat. It’s better to work the large muscles as part of a balanced workout than to focus solely on your abs or triceps. Taking a whole body approach is the most effective solution.

Protect yourself against ageing: long stretches of exercise put a huge free radical load on the body which may cause premature ageing. Counter this by upping your intake of antioxidant-rich fruit and veg.

Keep it simple: if you want to improve your health, don’t make too many changes at once. New research has found that changing just 2 key lifestyle factors can create a domino effect, improving lots of other areas of your life too. (source: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

Check your blood pressure for free – look out for ‘Pressure Stations’ at your local pharmacies and other community venues. Know Your Numbers week is on from 10 – 16 September, visit for more info.

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See you in class soon, take care,
Susan x

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