Fitness & Health Newsletter 6 August
Newsletter – 6 August 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
See our Summer fitness and lifestyle classes on the Classes page to improve your fitness, health, wellbeing and positivity.

(“Olympic Fitness Pilates” on till 23 Aug)
Don’t worry if you haven’t paid for the 6 course – you can still PAYG £8 either class.
Join us to improve your posture, strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.
Don’t worry about the competition, I’m sure you’ll go for Gold.

Remember to listen to your body: if you’re feeling under the weather or if your body is sore and ready for a rest, take a recovery day. Only you know if those aches and pains are from a good workout or the sign that you need to rest.

Myth and fact
“If I exercise, I can eat whatever I like” – exercising regularly doesn’t give you a free pass to pig out. It’s fine to indulge every now and then but eating junk all the time will hinder your workouts and your health no matter how much you exercise. It’s about being healthy on the inside too.

Did you know?
*Nitrate, a compound found in spinach, boosts the production of 2 key proteins responsible for muscle strength.

*Pilates involves strengthening and stretching exercises designed to develop your body’s core muscles, mobilise the spine and build functional strength and flexibility. It’s a great form of exercise to do alongside cardio, body conditioning and fun workouts like Fitness Salsa.

*Organic Coconut Water is hydrating, great to drink after a workout and is packed with vitamins and minerals. (You can buy Coconut water at Real Foods, Holland & Barrett and some supermarkets).

*Boosting fitness is thought to reduce asthma symptoms source The Cochrane Library

A mini detox will help you shift some weight and restore your energy levels. You could try a mini detox for a week or two before your holiday or when you return. No alcohol, sugar, crisps, bread, pasta or rice – just lots of lean protein, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and plenty of water. Remember to exercise and be as active as you can.

Health + Lifestyle
Restore the balance if you find it hard to leave your job at your desk or have regular breaks during the day.
A study by the London School of Economics has found that overworking and chronic stress promotes high levels of inflammation which can play havoc with hormone levels and reduce the immune system’s ability to fight disease.
So take those breaks, log off, relax, and redress the balance.

If you need a snack mid-afternoon, make it healthy eg ½ an avocado or oatcakes with almond butter and keep hunger at bay.

So Smooth – Mango breakfast smoothie – serves 1
1 ripe mango, chopped, 2 tbsps oats, 150ml coconut milk – blend and drink up for a delicious and nutritious start to the day.

Something to think about…
Nothing lasts forever so live it up, break it up, laugh it off, take chances and never regret anything.

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See you in class soon, take care,
Susan x

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