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Fitness and Lifestyle Newsletter 16 July

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Newsletter – 16 July 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
I enjoyed my week in North Yorkshire last week and hope you enjoyed your break too.
This is week 1 of our Summer block of classes which are designed to help you reach your fitness, health and wellness goals.
Are you ready to take action, get fit, have fun and commit to improve your fitness, health and lifestyle?
If so, reserve a place in these classes or drop in.
See current and summer classes on our Classes page.

Commit to improve your posture, strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility with us.

Did you know? …
* Doing 60-150 minutes of light cardio exercise a week can increase your life expectancy by 5 years. Source: European Society of Cardiology
* Eating omega-3 rich oily fish, nuts and seeds could stave off Alzheimer’s. Source: Neurology journal.
* Beetroot juice helps boost stamina and lower blood pressure thanks to it’s high nitrate content. Source: University of Exeter.

Complementary Fitness Mindfulness
* Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it.
* Keep going, each step may get harder but don’t stop, the view is beautiful at the top.

Health + Lifestyle
Motivation: Just turning up to classes can be hard as we all have a million things to occupy our time but having a good attitude towards training and achieving goals makes all the difference. If you want to work and train hard, set clear, realistic goals to succeed. Set goals that focus on you – it’s your progress that matters so don’t compare yourself to others and what they’re doing.

Keep a record of your development – this will help you stay on track and you can look back and see the progress that you’ve made.

Performing at your best means blocking out distractions and focusing on the task in hand. Concentration requires intention and effort so stay focussed throughout your training and classes.

Stay in the present and concentrate and focus on what you’re doing NOW, and don’t think about the past or future. If your concentration is slipping, focus on your breathing to bring you back.

Think about how good you’ll feel after your workouts to keep you mentally fit and positive.

Boost your body’s health status by eating organic as much as you can.

I’m not a fan of fad diets and like to take a realistic approach to nutrition, eating in moderation although I do like to include lots of antioxidant-rich foods. Life is about balance and not depriving yourself – let’s aim to get the balance right together.

Learn more about nutrition, positive mindset, controlled deep breathing, being present, setting and achieving goals in the new health and lifestyle classes.

Add cinnamon to your meals to keep your metabolism firing. Cinnamon has a thermogenic effect on the body, increasing your core temperature and causing your body to use energy (burning calories) to cool it down. Add it to porridge, cereals, soups etc.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t buy and eat sugary cereals. Instead, opt for a nutritious bowl of oat porridge to give your morning a real kick start. Oats are high in soluble fibres which help to even out your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and keep you feeling full. Oats contain protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin E and at around 20p per 100g of organic oats, you can afford to start your day with this superfood. Top your porridge with a handful of berries and a good pinch of cinnamon. See the recipe below for Oat and Berry Smoothie.

Make your own houmous by blending cooked chickpeas with lemon juice, garlic, tahini and olive oil until smooth. Top with paprika and serve with veg cridites – great for lunch or as a snack.

Manuka honey is reputed to have real healing powers and the higher the certified active number (ie 15+), the more antibacterial and antiviral properties it has. I’ve been using manuka honey for years, would recommend it, it’s expensive but worth investing in. Holland & Barrett often have buy one, get one for 1p or buy one, get one ½ price offers. You can use manuka honey externally to help heal cuts and wounds.

Avoid non-fat and sugar-free foods as they’re often sweetened with nasties.

Sip a glass of filtered, room temperature water every morning to clean your digestive tract and fire up your metabolism.

2 minutes of body brushing before a shower is a super easy way to get your skin glowing and tackle cellulite. Brush up with long, flowing strokes towards your heart.

I‘m so excited to be starting our brand new Complementary Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle classes this week and I hope you’ll book up for the courses or drop in when you can.
There will be lots more tips and advice for a healthy living lean and clean lifestyle in these classes.

Oat and Berry Smoothie Recipe
Combine 30g of organic porridge oats with 2 tablespoons of blueberries, 2 tablespoons of strawberries, 1 small orange, half a banana, 60ml of almond milk, 1 teaspoon of honey and blend until smooth and creamy. You can add ice cubes too if you like.

What are your goals are for this 6 week period? Do you want to lose body fat/weight, put on weight, improve your motivation, concentration, mood, fitness levels, stamina, strength? Let me know and read and put into practice the tips in this newsletter and our classes.

Email me at:
See you in class soon, take care,
Susan x