Easter Fitness Newsletter, Class Updates + Reduced Prices


Easter Newsletter – 1 April 2013

Hi and Welcome to our early Easter Complementary Fitness Newsletter

GREAT NEWS: Great Value, Big Changes, Small Prices –
You’ll notice that from April, all evening Fitness Pilates classes are only £30 for a 6 week course (guaranteed place) or £5 PAYG – come and join us

All classes are £5 and are for men and women and details on the Classes Page

Fitness Pilates Info:
Complementary Fitness Pilates classes are for men and women (not pregnancy though).
They’re functional, active, strength building classes for all levels including beginners.

You can work at your own pace, to the best of your ability and you can make the classes work for you – there are options to modify exercises eg easier or more challenging. After the warm up, feel free to bring hand held weights (or not) to add more intensity to your workout.

Booking and paying up front for a whole 6 week block guarantees your space and ensures that you continue to attend and achieve your goals. However, it’s fine to attend on a PAYG basis if you can’t commit to a whole block because of work or family commitments.

If you’re off during the day (or can take a Wed or Fri morning off), come and join our 9.30 am classes.
They’re effective, community based, fun and friendly.
We’ll also be toning, strengthening AND stretching our way into the week and weekend too.


It’s not too late to book up now for the brand new 6 week block courses of Functional Active Fitness Pilates Classes starting this week on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm and/or Thursdays 7 or 8pm.
Cost reduced and now only £30 for each 6 week block (guarantees your place) or you can turn up and PAYG £5 per class.

You may want to pay £45 per month (reduced cost) for ALL classes (there are 21 classes in April including 2 classes on Thursdays).

Health & Lifestyle
Millet is a non-glutenous grain and is the most alkalizing of all grains.
It contains 15% protein as well, so it’s an excellent choice over wheat.

Did you know?
– that if you’re dehydrated, your performance levels drop. Drink water and stay hydrated.

– that poor sleepers have an elevated risk of heart disease and cancer. Don’t rely on sleeping pills which can become addictive though as they knock you out rather than sending you into a natural, deep sleep. Valarian can help to improve sleep quality – they act on specific receptors in the brain to reduce anxiety but isn’t addictive.

– that researchers recently found an organic chemical found in green tea called EGCG which affects the generation of brain cells which benefits memory and spatial learning.

– that protein boosts energy, can help you lose weight and is vital for building muscles. Here’s are some examples to include – boiled egg, granary toast, bowl of porridge, a small tin of tuna or 80g portion of tofu, 60g chicken breast or Quorn stir fry, handful of nuts, mixed veg or cooked quinoa.

Something to think about…
Whether we are happy or not depends on our attitude; compassion, for instance, leads to a calmer mind – Dalai Lama

Just for today..try to not judge anyone, not be angry or impatient, not speak unkindly of others and think only positive thoughts of yourself @rawfoodbliss

Please remember to update me on your health, fitness, goals, achievements and progress.
Remember: new evening Fitness Pilates block courses start this week as well as our new Friday morning 9.30 am Fitness Pilates + Fitness Yoga Stretch combo class. Please join us.

Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend – I look forward to seeing you soon.

Email me at: info@complementaryfitness.co.uk
take care,
Susan x

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