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Complementary Fitness Newsletter 9 January

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Newsletter – 9 JANUARY 2017

Our Edinburgh Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Fitness Circuit classes in Colinton and Craiglockhart return this week

Get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All classes details and times below and also on the Classes page of my website.

Book your place in these classes by emailing me or turn up and join us


Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, Edinburgh

Classes in Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Dreghorn Loan, Colinton




Did you know that…
this is the first week of our new 2017 classes and I hope that you’ll join us for the start of a new year filled with fitness, health, intention, happiness and challenges.
If you’re new to our classes and just starting with us this week, you’re very welcome and I can’t wait to meet you and work out with you.
You may be returning to us after having been away/not feeling well for a while or want to return to exercise and our classes again and if so, you’re very welcome and thank you for re-joining us.
To those who regularly work out with us week in and week out, thank you and I’m sooo glad that you’re back and can’t wait to catch up with you and get back on track and get moving again.

To be honest, I meant to do some exercise over the last 3 weeks but apart from walking, I haven’t done anything else! I’m really going ‘to feel it’ probably by Wednesday but definitely Thursday and I’m sure that my legs will be aching a bit! (or a lot!)
The first week, pre-Christmas was filled with wrapping, food shopping, getting organised, our son was home so spent lots of time with him, lunches etc. Then of course, the ‘big day’, Boxing Day week, some ‘sales’ shopping (I didn’t get much this year – you?). Last week, I did get some sorting and organising done, had a ‘clear out’ which felt good and took a couple of bags of stuff to the charity shops.
And here we are – all raring to go, to get back into the swing of it again. Time flies!

Weight training for women as well as men helps to improve our confidence and self-esteem. It can help to improve our mood, manage stress and anxiety. A study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that weight training is effective in increasing muscle mass and strength as well as improving bone density. We’ll be doing some weight training in our Wednesday 9.30am Circuit Toning classes – don’t worry though, we won’t be using 15 or 20k weights.

Something to think about:
I know that I asked if you’ve set yourself any goals or new year resolutions and sometimes, resolutions start off with great enthusiasm then ‘life’ gets in the way and we find it hard to continue if our goals have been unrealistic or too long-term. Instead, I think it’s a great idea to start off by creating good habits, get into the habit of daily then weekly and monthly giving attention to your personal growth, improved lifestyle, eating plan, intentions and not get distracted by unimportant things that don’t keep you on track.
You may want to set your intention to being more active, getting fit or staying fit for as long as you can and that is a great plan.
Your focus may be on an improved, healthier lifestyle – one where you cook everything ‘from scratch’, buying more organic produce ie fruit and veg, home and beauty products without chemicals in. Personally, I find it sooo easy to become distracted, spending time on social media. Facebook etc can be good to keep in touch with people but I can also spend a lot of wasted time on there and not achieving the things that I set out to do that day! I suddenly realise that I’ve spent that last hour or whatever just scrolling through ‘stuff’!

I know there’s a lot ‘out there’ about being in the moment, being present and I find that when I do take the time to be present, to relax, to breathe etc, that I feel sooo much better, more focussed and I have more clarity.

With this ‘in mind’, I plan to spend more time at the end of our Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates classes with more mindful relaxation and a longer stretching session than we normally do. People have said that they loved the 20 minute relaxation/stretching candlelight sessions that we did in December and although we probably won’t spend 20 mins doing this from January onwards, we can spend about 10 mins at the end of our classes. I hope that you’re up for challenge of working out again and also improving our flexibility while we’re relaxing and focusing on where we feel the stretch in our bodies and using our breathe to relax into the stretches more.

During the week, I came across this recipe for a ginger mango green smoothie, made it and it’s really delicious so I thought I’d share it with you. Great if you’ve got a nutribullet but any blender will do.
Blend 1 cup mango (fresh, defrosted or frozen chunks), 1 handful of fresh spinach, 1 tsp fresh ginger, 1T ground flaxseed and 1 cup of coconut milk. You can also add some kale to it if you wish.

I look forward to seeing you this week for fitness, strength, flexibility & fun. If you want to, you can email me to book your place, ask any questions or just turn up and join us. I can’t wait to catch up with you and work out with you and move forward in our journey together.

If you’re on Facebook, please go on to my Complementary Fitness page and go to the Review Tab and add a review about our classes, thanks.

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