Complementary Fitness Newsletter 6 July

Hi, I hope that you enjoyed your week off last week.
We’re travelling back from Icmeler, Turkey today and we had a great relaxing holiday. It was hot, hot, hot.
This week only our Tue & Thurs 7.30pm classes are on but check class dates & venues below for more improvements in fitness, strength, tone, posture, flexibility and motivation.

All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
£5 pay as you go classes
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals


Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, Edinburgh
Join us from Tuesday 7 July – 18 Aug to strengthen your core, improve strength and posture. Book up now/join us then.

Classes in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road, Colinton, EH13 0JR
Wear trainers, bring your resistance band, hand weights, mat and water, work out with us and improve your fitness, strength + metabolism.
Summer classes re-start on 15 July in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church

Class re-starts/join us from Thursday 9 July to help you firm up, tone, strengthen, lengthen and improve core muscles so come and join us.
Please note that on 9, 16 + 23 July, we’ll be in the Dell Room.

Our Summer classes start back on 17 July and please note that we’re in the Dell Room. Let’s work to improve your core, strength, posture, balance + flexibility so let’s stretch, improve and enjoy.

Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.


Did you know that…
the only 2 classes that are on this week are our Fitness Pilates classes at 7.30pm
· on Tuesday 7 July in Craiglockhart Large Hall &
· on Thursday 9 July in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church rooms.
These will be £5 PAYG classes and I look forward to seeing you then.
There are no classes on Wed 8 or Fri 10 July as the Dell Room is unavailable.

Next week, all our classes start back. Our Summer classes dates are Tue 14 July through to Fri 21 August. Please note that our Wed, Thurs & Fri classes in July up to & including 24 July are in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church Rooms, Dell Road. After that, we’ll be because Dreghorn back in Dreghorn Loan Hall. I’ll remind you later.

Diary Date/News of a Brand NEW CLASS starting 6.35pm CORE COMBAT from Thursday 3 September in Dreghorn Loan Hall. I hope that you’ll join this fun Core Combat workout then. The more, the merrier. Let’s work off some steam with jabs, punches, shuffles+ kicks.

Let’s get back to building some muscle in our classes – are you with me?
Building muscle

Complementary Fitness Homework

A quick warm up section and a couple of stretches to get you moving again and ready for our summer classes. Sorry, please ignore the background noise and the long look at the floor at the end!! I’ve not mastered video editing yet as you can tell, oops.

How did you get on last week doing your ‘homework’? ‘Coz you’ll miss our Wed & Fri 9.30am classes this week, go to my channel and pick 2 or 3 different exercise videos to do at home this week and let me know how you get on.

Something to think about:
Never settle for less than you deserve.

Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger! *

‘Drinking water at the correct time maximizes it’s effectiveness on the human body’ –
Drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning helps activate internal organs. Drinking 1 glass of water before a meal will help in digestion. Drinking 1 glass of water before taking a shower helps prevent high blood pressure. Drinking a glass of water before bed helps prevent strokes or heart attack. *
* fb/david avocado wolfe

Read: The truth about UVA protection in sun creams at

“Finished last” will always be better than “did not finish” which always trumps “did not start”.

Connecting with Susan
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I look forward to seeing you this week and next
Take care

Susan x

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