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Complementary Fitness Newsletter 4 July

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Sorry but there are NO CLASSES THIS WEEK

But …….tah dah …

After this week’s mini break, we’ll be back next week, from on Tue 12 July onwards and I’m sure that I’ll return with lots of new ideas to bring to you.

Something to look forward to!


Oh last week, I said that I got my omega3 oils from Wild Nutrition but that’s not quite true.  I do get some supplements from them but I’ve subscribed for a while and get omega 3 softgels from – just thought I’d rectify the mistake I made.


Just a wee short newsletter this week but I thought I’d share a couple of tweets, the first from @DrFrankLipman re sugar:

“A sugar-heavy diet helps rapidly age your organs, while putting you on the fast-track to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, neurological decline, autoimmune disorders and a litany of other avoidable, life-altering diseases.  In short, you get old fast.  So time to get rid of sugar”!


And this one from @DrMarkHyman re fibre (ps American spellings):  Fiber is a “super-nutrient” when it comes to optimizing your health.  A high-fiber diet is key to having a healthy gut, decreasing your risk of disease and cancer, and extending your longevity.  What’s your favorite way to get more fiber into your diet”?

My fave way to get fibre is whole vegetables, some fruit and wholegrains.

Enjoy your week off too and I’m sure that you’ll get out for lots of walks and hopefully enjoy lots of sunshine and a rest too.

Looking forward to seeing you & working out with you next week.


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