Complementary Fitness Newsletter 31 August

Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Resistance/Combat/Core and Core Combat classes and workouts to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility.
Feel good, look amazing, great results.
Classes start back this week from Tue 1 Sept onwards.

All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)

£30 for 6 Fitness Pilates class blocks (guarantees place)/£5 pay as you go classes
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals

Our Autumn classes start back this week.
The Timetable for our Fitness Pilates and/or Combat classes is below.
Book up/join us and get yourself fit this Autumn.

Craiglockhart Parish Church Hall, Craiglockhart Drive North, Edinburgh
Book your place in our new 6 week course starting 1 Sept to strengthen your core, improve strength and posture.
£30 for 6 classes (guarantees your place)/£5payg

Classes in the Dreghorn Loan Church Hall, Dreghorn Loan, Colinton
Class re-starts 2 Sept. Wear trainers, bring a mat, resistance band, water and maybe a towel and let’s improve our fitness, strength + metabolism.

THURSDAYS 6.35pm CORE COMBAT * brand new class starts 3 September *
Protect, jab, cross, shuffle, kick and always work from your core to strengthen and improve fitness levels.
Great workout to release tension and stress, enjoy. Pre-book your place now £5 per class or £8 Special Offer if staying for 7.30pm Fitness Pilates class – see below.

Pre-book your place in our new 6 week course starting 3 Sept to firm and tone, strengthen, lengthen and improve core muscles. £30 for 6 classes (place guaranteed)/£5 payg or see Special Offer below for Combat AND Fitness Pilates.

Class returns on Fri 4 Sept where we’ll work to improve our core, strength, posture, balance + flexibility.
Let’s stretch, improve and enjoy.

Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.

Hamstring stretch upper body rotation reach

Hamstring stretch upper body rotation reach


Did you know that…
I’m so excited that our Autumn classes start back this week, from Tuesday 1 Sept right up to mid December. It would be great if you book your place in the Tuesday &/or Thursday 7.30pm Fitness Pilates classes and if you can make each week, pay for the block/s to ensure your place and aim to achieve your fitness goals.
You can also pay as you go as we do in our morning classes.

Our brand new 6.35pm CORE COMBAT class starts this week too, on Thursday 3 September in Dreghorn Loan Hall. We’ll work from and strengthening our core, we’ll warm up, stretch then jab, cross, do upper cuts, hooks, shift our weight side-side or forward + back, shuffle to the side then add in more punches ie those jabs etc. We’ll learn about technique, how to protect our face, punch, kick and always work from our core to stay strong. Let’s work off any stress and frustration, learn new moves, keep fit and strong in this 45 min workout also includes an abs section at the end of the combat section. The class will be £5 pay-as-you-go.
Special offer: If you’d like to stay for our 7.30pm Fitness Pilates class too (you can pre-book your place for both), you’ll get both classes for £8! Bargain. Another benefit is that you’ll see big changes in your fitness, strength, core, balance and flexibility.
Please let me know if you’d like a space in either or both classes and I’ll add you to the class lists, thanks.
Core Combat 6.35pm class

Stress and anxiety keep your body in a state of high alert and exercise can help combat (like how I added in ‘combat’ here?) this by burning off adrenalin, relaxing muscles and triggering the release of endorphins – so called ‘happy hormones’. Here’s to your Good Health.

Something to think about:
Weight-bearing exercise and resistance exercises using weights/bands/your own body weight helps improve your bone strength. Continue to exercise regularly to maintain the benefits. Our classes are all weight-bearing exercise classes as we shift our weight side-side, squat, lunge, move, work out with weights/resistance bands and occasionally do press-ups. All good strengthening exercises and good for bone health too.

Drink your 5-a-day. It’s a fast and easy way to increase the nutrients in your diet by adding in (some) fruits and lots of vegetables. I’ve got a Nutribullet and regularly use it to make nutriblast shakes, smoothies and protein shakes too. You can add in mineral-rich greens ie kale, spinach, lettuce, celery and cucumber. You can also add in nuts, seeds or powdered greens to super-charge it. You can buy a Nutribullet anywhere now incl big supermarkets as well as Amazon. Since I bought mine, there’s now a more powerful 900 speed one on the market which I’ll buy next time if/when mine ever runs out (hopefully not any time soon). You also get a book too for lots of ideas, info, recipes and suggestions.

Connecting with Susan
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I look forward to seeing you this week from 1 Sept,
take care Susan x

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