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Complementary Fitness Newsletter 30 Jan

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Newsletter –30 JANUARY 2017

Our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & Fitness Circuit classes in Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh and all class details and times are on the Classes where/when page of my website. Join us to get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility. Pay as you go classes just £5 each.


Did you know that…
Last Wednesday, we changed/mixed-up the format of our Circuit Toning class: we worked out at 4 stations (first 2 weeks were 7 or 8 stations) then we came back together after our first Circuit and did 4 more exercises and repeated them. We then completed a second circuit and all went well and everyone worked really hard and had fun too.
I can’t wait for this week’s 4th class at 9.30am this Wednesday – you? Come and join us if you can.

Talking of last week’s classes: omg last Tuesday’s Fitness Pilates class had to be held in a smaller room because the electrician was to fix a light fitting in the Large Hall that we use and scaffolding was in that hall ready for him to do his thing!
Well we had so many people in that class (some who normally come to our Thursday class but couldn’t make it – which is fantastic that you can come to ‘other’ classes, don’t get me wrong) that it was a tight squeeze.
We adapted, modified, still worked out and also had a laugh about it too!
Thank you all soooooo much for your continued support, for the inconvenience too and I’m so looking forward to being back in our usual Large Hall this Tuesday – phew!
I hope that last week’s change of room didn’t put you off returning and working out with us. It was just ‘one of those things’ that happen but ‘the show must go on’ as they say! Thanks again.

I’m not leaving out our other class participants though: Thursdays have been quieter so just to let you know that there’s loads of space if you want to work out in a class with more room to move around, stretch in etc.
However, I hope that numbers do increase in our Thurs Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates classes soon.
So, if you used to come to these classes, want to return or are thinking of joining us, then you’re very welcome. The more, the merrier. A few of our class participants say that they love having an hour of “me time” to themselves where they can work out then stretch and relax in our classes.
It’s great to schedule in and commit to your workouts and classes, have that time where you know you’ve ticked off the exercise box that you know you should do.
It’s also great that we exercise together in a group class situation. – I always think it’s hard to be motivated to exercise on your own and to set aside the time away from work, kids, house or family commitments etc unless you do come to a class. What are your thoughts?

Fridays Fitness Yoga is going well too. I actually do like working out in our 9.30am classes and on a Friday at 10.30am, you know that you’ve warmed up, stretched and toned every muscle, flexed, extended, worked and stretched in various planes of motion and all of a sudden, the hour is up and we’re looking forward to the weekend, yeesss.

I’m so up for/looking forward to more fitness, flexibility and fun in all of our classes this week and look forward to seeing you soon.
All classes have modifications and options of stretches and exercises to suit what ever level of fitness you’re at.

People who eat from a smaller plate ie a 10” plate instead of a 12” one, serve themselves 22% fewer calories according to US research.

Something to think about:
I don’t think that you can beat a bowl of hot soup to warm you up and fill you up at lunchtime.
I love soup and it can be so easy to prepare, be really nutritious and help to keep you slim too.
According to the British Journal of Nutrition, a 2014 research paper published that people who eat soup regularly weighted less and had slimmer waists than people who didn’t eat soup! More soup for me please.
It’s so easy to sauté some onions and garlic in either coconut or olive oil and add a variety of chopped veggies, some herbs and spices. I also love adding beans, barley or lentils to add flavour, more vitamins and minerals and there’s nothing nicer than a big bowl of thick soup too, mmmmm.
‘They’ also say that eating soup as a starter can reduce the amount you eat for your main course. Do you love soup too? What’s our favourite?

I’m enjoying our 10 min relaxation and stretching sessions at the end of our Fitness Pilates Tue & Thurs classes where we focus on lengthening, stretching, breathing and trying to reduce our stress hormones too – you?
Some of you have said that the time spent on stretching and relaxing at that time of the night and at the end of our evening classes, help you to sleep better ‘coz you’re more relaxed. Added bonus!

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