Complementary Fitness Newsletter 27 July

Hi, we’re back in the newly-decorated ‘Loan Hall’ this week (as well as Tue Craiglockhart as usual) – check out the Classes page for details and come and join us to improve your fitness 🙂

Keep going
Be strong
Move forward
Get fit
Be fit
and stay that way in our classes this summer and thereafter.
By the way, let’s have fun along the way too.

All level classes for men and women (except pregnancy)
£5 pay as you go classes
Commit to working out with us to achieve your health + fitness goals

Bring a yoga mat and water to all classes along with your enthusiasm and energy.


Did you know that…
Key benefits of improved Alignment
*The impact of gravity on your spine and joints will be reduced every day, whether you are moving or at rest.
*The risk of strain or injury is lessened with good alignment, particularly with more challenging and dynamic exercises.
*Improvements in your posture, how you carry yourself, and how you move every day result from awareness of body alignment.
Thanks Fitness Pilates

Fly Arms

Fly Arms

Quad Stretches

Quad Stretches

I love, bought her Crazy Sexy cookbook, love reading her blogs and thought I’d pass on this blog to you about prioritising and getting stuff / less done. I thought it was really helpful and useful as I’ve always got a million things to do ‘on my list’. This can be very frustrating and overwhelming and sometimes, I feel that I never get anything done, it can all be too much and sometimes, you just don’t know where to start (maybe it’s just me? You’re probably super organised and accomplish a lot and if so, I wish I was). You’ll see that Kris also mentions Headspace which I mentioned to you in a recent Fitness Newsletter. Here’s the blog, see what you think
Oh, there are also loads of healthy recipe ideas on Kris’ website too.

Complementary Fitness Video
I’ve organising all my youtube videos under appropriate Playlists now and this one’s on the ‘Resistance Training Workouts’ Playlist Resistance Training with Weights

Just to let you know that the other Playlists are called: Fitness Pilates/Yoga, Warm Ups and Stretches, and Fitness Salsa (only 1 video so far). There are also 1 or 2 videos under the Insanity Playlist (when Nicola recently taught Insanity) and Complementary Fitness (a couple of general videos). Let me know what you think and …. do more exercise training with me.

Something to think about:
Interesting Article:

I made some Cashew Bliss Balls (which I adapted from David Wolfe’s Cacao bliss balls recipe) at the weekend and thought I’d share this easy recipe with you – they’re sooo delicious and good for you too.
Blend together in a food processor:
1½ cups cashew nuts (I pre-soaked them for 8 hours/overnight, rinsed & drained them 1st to release the enzyme inhibitors and easier to digest),
9 Medjool (or ‘ordinary’) dates (if dried, soak for at least ½ an hour so easier to blend),
2T (tablespoons) dark tahini (sesame paste),
1T honey, 3T cacao powder + 1½ tsp vanilla extract
Once everything is ground down, mixed and blended together, I rolled mixture into walnut sized balls (or larger) then coated them with desiccated coconut. You could roll some in shelled hemp seeds. Depending on size, this mixture makes about 14 or 15 cashew balls to enjoy with your morning coffee/herbal tea or after your workout.

Cashew Bliss Balls

Cashew Bliss Balls

Diary Date/News of a Brand NEW CLASS starting 6.35pm CORE COMBAT from Thursday 3 September in Dreghorn Loan Hall. I hope that you’ll join this fun Core Combat workout then. The more, the merrier.
Let’s workout to great music, work off some steam with jabs, punches, shuffles+ kicks.

Connecting with Susan
Complementary Fitness youtube video channel
Click on the link above or copy and paste into your browser to watch – and join in!

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I look forward to seeing you this week/soon. take care
Susan x

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