Complementary Fitness Newsletter 25 June
Newsletter – 25 June 2012

Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter

This week and next are extra classes and are all pay as you go and I look forward to seeing you in classes.
Today is our Complementary Fitness Lunch at the Bisque Bar, Bruntsfield Hotel and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s always a treat for me so thank you in advance.

I’m taking names for the brand new Lifestyle Classes over the summer.
The first is on a Tuesday at 7.30 pm Wellness & Vitality Boutique and the second brand new class is on a Wednesday at 7pm and is “Be the Change: Invest In You”. Let me know if you’d like to reserve a place in these classes. They’re on a ‘trial basis’ and they’re at an introductory cost of £30 for each 6 week course of classes (or PAYG £6.50 each). I can give you more details too.
See current and summer classes on our Classes page of this website but current till week ending 6 July

New 6 week Summer Classes and Courses:

17 July – 21 August Brand New Wellbeing and Vitality Boutique Classes

It’s on for 6 Tuesday evenings and it’s a lifestyle coaching course for women and men all about Nutrition for Wellness, Vitality, Energy and feeling fantastic. When you sign up for the course, you’ll get a Boutique Manual with a lifestyle questionnaire, a basic food/shopping ingredients list, some advice and tips on eating well.
Throughout the course/classes, we’ll learn and put into practice
·positive mindset, · clean eating for health, · exercise, · healthy recipes, · making time for yourself, · meditation, · mindfulness and · relaxation and more.
If you’re interested and would like to sign up for this 6 week course and get more positivity, health and balance in your life, please email me and let me know. 6 week introductory/special price of only £30 or PAYG £6.50 per class. You get a lifestyle goodie bag when you attend these classes.

Wednesday @ 9.30 am 18 July – 22 Aug
Complementary Fitness Circuit Bootcamp, drop in classes £5 each

Wednesdays 18 July-22 Aug
Brand New course / classes: Be The Change – Invest In You

Brand new launch of Be The Change: Invest In You classes for women leading up to and on the perimenopause – menopause journey. We’ll learn and practice · stress management techniques, · develop awareness to easily manage emotions, · positive mindset coaching, · learn about eating for fat loss, health and nutrition, and · exercise and · find out about balancing your hormones ·some short mini workouts including stretching.

If you want to take charge of your health, feel and look fantastic, then sign up for this 6 week journey course, please email me as above.
Again, this is a 6 week introductory/special price of £30 or PAYG £6.50 per class.
You also get a lifestyle ‘goodie bag’ when you attend these classes.

Thursdays 7pm and 8pm 19 July – 23 Aug
2 classes – 6 week block of Complementary Fitness Pilates Classes £39/ PAYG £8

Fridays @ 9.30 am 20 July – 24 Aug
Complementary Fitness Salsa Classes, drop in classes £5 each
Move your hips, shake your shoulders, dance, free your spine, have fun, great music.

Complementary Fitness Mindfulness
Choices: We have a choice to think negative thoughts and Be Negative and feel down or to think positive thoughts and Be Positive, feel great and have a bright outlook on life.

Health + Lifestyle
Drink coconut water after a workout – it’s all natural, doesn’t contain sugar or substitutes, is full of electrolytes including potassium and minerals to hydrate your body.

Posture: Good posture creates a finely aligned body structure. Visualize your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears positioned in a straight line without being rigid. This means a weighted cord falls in a straight line from your ear lobe to your ankle bone. Your musculoskeletal structure is balanced, with no muscle or joint stress from an out-of-alignment body component. Optimum posture provides benefits: more oxygen into the body through correct breathing encouraging diagphragm and lungs to freely expand and contract. Back pain can be reduced with good posture. Good posture helps protect joints commonly used for balance, standing and walking. Hip, knee, back and neck joints may experience less stress if you maintain optimum posture and finally, you will likely enhance your physical appearance and experience more overall confidence when your body is aligned correctly.

Stress less and more sleep:
We all suffer with stresses and strains in life but an inability to switch off and reduce stress, can play havoc with your hormones. Sleep is really important for lowering your stress levels and without it, levels of melatonin (the brain’s sleep chemical) and adrenaline will be out of balance. Learn to relax, learn stress and relaxation techniques and get to bed by 10 or 10.30 pm and have a good night’s sleep.

Also: Drink enough water to hydrate you but drink alcohol in moderation. Alcohol can affect sleep patterns and increase blood pressusre.

There are more mindfulness, health and lifestyle tips and advice in the brand new Lifestyle Classes as above.

Some healthy juice recipes to get you started – get some get up and go: (they serve 1 each)

Super greens juice
1 small bunch watercress, 2 broccoli spears, 1 small bunch parsley, ½ celery stick, ¼ pineapple, peeled. Use a juicer to extract the juice, stir well and serve immediately.

Apple, carrot and ginger juice
2 apples, 1 carrot, 5mm piece ginger, peeled. Juice as above.

Tomato and celery juice
3 tomatoes, 1 celery stick, ¼ red pepper. Juice as above.

Email me at:
Thanks for reading this week’s Complementary Fitness newsletter, what do you think of it?

See you in class soon, take care,
Susan x

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