Complementary Fitness Newsletter 18 June

Newsletter – 18 June 2012
Hi and Welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness Newsletter
Our pre summer break classes finish week ending Fri 6 July then we’re having 6 weeks of summer classes.
You’ll see that there’s a couple of brand new classes/courses starting below – one’s on a Wednesday night too!
See current and summer classes on our Classes page.

Current pre-summer break classes on till week ending 6 July
New 6 week Summer Classes and Courses from 17 July – 24 Aug.

Summer Lunch
Monday 25 June, 12.30 pm at The Bisque Bar, Bruntsfield Hotel. 2 course lunch for £9.95 each.
I’m already taking names so if you regularly come to classes and would like to join us for lunch, please let me know by this Friday 22 June at the latest and also let me know what your course choices are.
It would also be helpful to pay £9.95 by Friday too, thanks.

Complementary Fitness Mindfulness
You’ll see daily, weekly and monthly improvements if you take the time to learn, improve and work on yourself each and every day. It all adds up.

Health + Lifestyle
*Going on a restricted, very low calorie diet can slow your metabolism and cause your body to store fat.
*Stress causes fat and weight gain (we’ll learn more about this in the brand new Wellness and Vitality Boutique Group and brand new Be The Change: Invest In You classes/course).
*Myth: Eating every 3 to 4 hours as part of a healthy diet will help balance blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain. Fact: This is a popular thought but can lead to overeating. We do need to eat regularly – 3 meals a day but listen to your body to find out if you’re hungry. Don’t eat just because you’ve been told to or you might be piling on the pounds.

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See you in class soon, take care
Susan x

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