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Complementary Fitness news + videos 27 April

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Wow almost the end of April and Friday sees us into May.  It’s also week 6 of lockdown, of no classes and I’m really missing you all, catching up and seeing you.  I’m grateful though to everyone who’ve emailed and let me know how you are, what you’re doing etc so thanks very much for that.  It’s good to keep in touch and stay connected.

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and thought you might like to read it too:

‘I think that when the dust settles, we’ll realise how very little we need, how very much we actually have and the true value of human connection’.  So true.

On Friday, we went a walk up Bonaly Road and to the Pentland hills.  It was such a lovely day and there were a few people walking and some cycling.  We sat on a bench and just enjoyed the view over the reservoir and the warmth of the sun.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.

We regularly walk along the Dell or Union Canal too and I took a photo of some yellow flowers which at the time, didn’t know if they were weeds or not – turns out they’re not weeds (remember I said I’m not a gardener?), they’re cowslips.  Such a lovely sunny colour.

Did you know that you’ll never have this day again so make it count.  What are you doing today?  Did you set an intention for the day to get XYZ done or is your intention to cook from scratch, eat organic, drink enough water, chill out and read a book?  All sounds good.  It’s good to make a plan but also to go with the flow.  Balance is key.

Be kind to yourself, do some exercise, rest and make sure that you sleep well every night too so that you feel more relaxed and able to cope with any challenges.

Talking of exercise, here are a couple of short videos that I hope you join in and enjoy.

The first is a 14/15 min resistance band workout with some stretches on the floor after to add in to your daily routine, enjoy

and then a 14 min fitness yoga session for strength and flexibility

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Just a wee short newsletter this week but remember that I’m here for you, that I’m thinking of you and can’t wait to ‘get back to normal’ one of these days, hopefully soon. 

Till then, stay safe, fit and well.

Take care

Susan x