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Thanks to Bryce (Tue/Thurs) who sent me a really great and funny video with a song based on the Sound of Music called How to solve a problem like corona!  I’m sure you’ll love it

Copy and paste the following link in to your browser and watch & listen:

We’ve all heard it a million times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Loads of studies have shown the health benefits of starting your day with a healthy, balanced meal. Studies have given some reasons why we should all be eating breakfast and some of them are:

  • When we eat breakfast, we eat more vitamins and minerals and more likely to get our nutrient requirements for the day compared to those who don’t eat breakfast
  • According to a recent study, if we don’t eat breakfast, 27% are more likely to develop heart disease
  • We can control our weight better
  • Improve our memory, attention and focus
  • Improve creativity and learning
  • We can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes if we eat breakfast

Do you find that you’re snacking more during the lockdown?  It’s soooo easy to do when the days seem roll into one and it’s easy get bored to mindlessly snack during the day or while watching tv.  If so, try to stick to your routine of having breakfast, lunch and dinner without those extra snacks and treats in between.  Plan to cook and eat great nutritious meals which include loads of fruit & veg.  Find new and different recipes that you haven’t tried before.  We’ve got several recipe books – some of which just sit in the cupboard and don’t often see the light of day but I thought it’d be a good idea to take out one book at a time, look through the recipes and plan a menu for the week focussing on these new/different recipes we hadn’t tried before.  Result: success and delicious, tasty new meals.  Then the next week, get another book out and plan meals from that or look through Pinterest or websites for other ideas and try them out.  

I’ve heard that we’ll all emerge out of this lockdown either fit or fat so I’m trying my best to keep on track and hope that/I’m sure that you will be too.  It’d be so easy but no one wants to pile on the pounds and fat and become lethargic and lazy.  Let’s keep up our exercise plans to help us remain fit, active and maintain our healthy lifestyles.

Here are a couple of new videos for you to workout to: first is a fitness yoga stretch video

then grab your hand weighth/s, join in with the warm up then workout along with me with/without your weights to maintain your strength and let me know how you get on

Oops – you’ll see that I’ve done more in a particular exercise on one side than I did on the other!!  Sometimes happens and especially as I wasn’t listening to any music at the time to keep me right.  I’m sure that you’ll spot the difference and hopefully one arm and one side won’t end up being so much stronger than the other!  Have fun and enjoy.

We all love music and it’s very subjective – you either like a particular song or style of music or you don’t.  For me, I definitely don’t ‘do’ and don’t like heavy metal or rock but I love music that has a good beat, uplifting, usually, but not always, something I can dance to, songs that make me feel good and have meaning.  Music can really uplift you and change your mood which is fantastic and especially when we feel stressed, uncertain or anxious.  When a great song is played on the radio for example, it can make you stop and listen or you find that you instantly have a smile on your face, start dancing around or it can bring back a memory instantly.  Do you find that too?

Listening to relaxing music can also de-stress us and make us feel more relaxed in these uncertain times.  Soothing music has been shown to calm you down, lower heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and stress hormones like cortisol.

Remember that meditating is a simple, effective way to decrease stress and anxiety too.

At any time of the day, whether you’re feeling particularly stressed or not, it’s great to have a stretch – even doing a few stretches for a couple of minutes helps ease any tension and it gets the blood flowing too.

Reach your arms up as high as you can then reach them out to the sides and rotate your shoulders forward and back a few times.  Bring your arms down by your sides and rotate your wrists.  Slowly bring one ear down to your shoulder easing any tension in your neck, bring your head back up to neutral and repeat the stretch the other side. 

Flex yourself forward from your hips and let your arms relax down towards the floor, letting your arms dangle and maybe shake them a bit.  When you’re ready, slowly bring yourself up to stand – maybe rolling back up: one vertebrae at a time to stand tall.  You could try standing on one foot and point and flex the other foot then circle it round one way then the other – repeat on the other side.  You’ll improve your circulation, brain function and oxygen and power up your body’s cells.

As you know, getting out for a walk helps improve our mood, keeps us fit, active and we can enjoy nature, the sounds of birds and water flowing… ah… and … relax.

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Have a great week, take care and stay safe, fit and well.

Susan x