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Complementary Fitness news, updates + videos 13 April

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We’re still here, still in the background and still in lockdown so until we can all exercise together again, keep working out with me and others in our classes through my Youtube videos and get out for a walk in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

This week’s news + updates:

I hope that you’re having a lovely Easter weekend.  I’m sure that it’s been different to previous Easter weekends ie quiet but nevertheless, I still hope that you’ve had some fun.  Happy Easter Monday to you.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by doing an hour’s exercise most mornings (not all) first thing in the morning, usually around 7.15am so that I can have my breakfast about 9am and then I’m kind-of done for the day, well….that is unless I’m doing some videos and putting them on my channel and posting the links to you by email.

I’m also trying out the 16-8 time restricted eating plan again.  If I have my breakfast at 9am, it gives me until 5pm – the 8 hour window of eating (btw: not eating constantly for 8 hours, ha although I do eat a lot/too much)  and 16 hours of not eating/fasting.  So as I say, I’ll have breakfast about 9am, lunch at 12ish then dinner at 4.30 and finish by 5pm.  I’m finding it easier to follow at the moment not restricted to my usual 9.30am or 7/7.30pm class times which, when I tried this before, I found more difficult to follow the 16/8 plan.  I’ll have 1 day (2 days max) ‘off’ at the weekend though when I’m not being as strict time-wise and I’ll maybe have a glass of wine on a Saturday night – organic red of course!

Apart from that, I’ve been finding lots of things to do and I’m sure that we’re all the same.

Last week, I decided to try making marmalade as I had none left and had some oranges and wanted to use them so I went onto Pinterest (I love Pinterest – do you?) and found a very easy recipe for orange chia marmalade using 2 oranges, 3T chia seeds and 2T maple syrup.  I decided to make double the quantity though as I’d read that the marmalade also freezes well.  So, the recipe said to put the whole oranges in a pan of water, bring up to the boil then simmer for 1½ hours but … (did I tell you last week that I’m impatient?)… I have pressure cooker (one for the induction hob) and decided to try softening the oranges in the pressure cooker instead.  I put water and the oranges in the pressure for about 8-10 mins (far less time than 1½ hours eh?) and they were soft but of course, if you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can simmer the oranges for 1-1½ hours.  I let the oranges cool a bit then roughly chopped them up, added them to a food processor, added in 6T chia seeds and 3-4T maple syrup and blended together.  I’d also decided to chop in some fresh ginger and added that too.  It tasted great and I couldn’t believe how much marmalade it made – loads.  When cold, put in jars in the fridge, although it only keeps for a week so it’s great that it freezes too.  I put a jar in the fridge and filled a plastic container and 3 smaller containers with marmalade for the freezer.  A tasty and good job done.

I was ‘on a roll’ so then decided to make cacao, date & cashew energy balls.  I’d already soaked about 1 cup of cashews the night before in water and drained and rinsed them the  following day.  If you’d like to try out the recipe: I put the soaked, rinsed cashews in a processor, blitzed them then added in 1 cup of chopped stoned Medjool/any dates, 1T cacao/cocoa powder, 1T coconut oil, 1T protein powder and 1T chia seeds and blitzed then rolled them into balls and coated in desiccated coconut.   I often make energy balls using dates and nuts and they’re great as a treat.  They’re great stored in the fridge (they don’t last long as they get eaten fairly quickly!) and they freeze well too.  The mixture made about 12-13.

I then made more of the 2 ingredient coconut flour/egg pancakes which I’d mentioned in a recent newsletter. 

It’s great when you have a productive afternoon and you’ve then got lovely healthy treats to look forward to.

As you know, I buy a lot of ingredients from Real Food Source who are a local (Musselburgh) family-run business.  They have a lot of recipes on their website if you’d like to have a look at:  and you’ll see that there are lots of pages so keep scrolling through them to find something you’d like to try out.

What have you been making and doing with your time in the last week?

A few of you have told me that you’ve been busy cleaning the house, been in the garden, doing exercise with me virtually, washing the car etc so we’ve all been keeping ourselves busy.

If you have grandchildren like us, you’ll really be missing them soooo much.  I decided to send little What’s App videos of me telling stories and poems that I found on the internet so that’s been fun.

We’ve all been adapting and learning new skills and learning to do things a little differently which is good.

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Did you know that…

  • The Plank can strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles, arms and legs, tones buttock muscles and can improve mental focus.  There are lots of plank variations as you know so try them out.
  • The seated side twist can relieve symptoms of back pain, fatigue, sciatica and tones and strengthens abdominal muscles including the obliques.  The stretch energises the spine, opens the shoulders, neck and hips and increases flexibility in the hips and spine.  Use your breath to help you relax as you rotate your upper body to one side then the other.  It’s far more relaxing than the Plank but balancing strength and flexibility is key.

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