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Complementary Fitness news + updates 25 March

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this week’s news, updates and info ….

25 – 31 March is National Workouts and Wellbeing Week and it’s in association with Mind, whose aim is to raise awareness of mental health and improve wellbeing through exercise and mindfulness, helping the nation lead healthier and active lifestyles.  I hope that you’ll join us to help improve our fitness and continue to lead healthy and active lives.

Keep going.  You didn’t come this far just to come this far (so keep going….)

Not only is it Mother’s Day on Sunday 31 March but the clocks will have gone forward an hour on Saturday 30 Saturday/Sun 31st   so enjoy your day and remember to set any clocks that don’t automatically change themselves!

This week is going to be filled with miracles, breakthroughs, good news, abundance and love – I can feel it.  Bring it on.

We often do spine twists in our fitness yoga and Pilates classes coz they help improve flexibility in the spine and aid relaxation too.  We also get to stretch across the chest muscles and lower back, glutes (buttock muscles) and outer thigh.

You might want to try this one out – lie on your back on a yoga mat or carpet on the floor, bring your right knee gently in towards your chest using your hands.  Cross your bent right knee across the body towards the floor on the left until you feel a stretch.  You can assist the stretch by using the left hand on the outside of the right knee to gently bring the knee closer to the floor.  Always breathe into the stretch and never hold your breath.  An alternative is to reach both arms out to the sides and turn your head to the right side and look along your right extended arm.  Hold the stretch for a few full deep breaths the when you’re ready, bring your right knee back up from the floor, extend it and perform the same spine twist stretch with the left bent leg.

spine twist

seated spine twist

above are some photos of those stretches with one leg bent, both knees bent and a similar stretch but seated.  Enjoy.

I read some ‘Wake Up Affirmations’ the other day and thought you might like to read them – and say them to yourself:

  • today is going to be incredible
  • I choose happiness today
  • I can do this
  • I can conquer anything
  • I am a warrior
  • I deserve every bit of success I strive to have
  • I am amazing
  • I am full of courage
  • Today, I will choose greatness

I also thought this was interesting too: Things You Can Control –

  • Your attitude
  • Your words
  • Your manners
  • Your actions
  • Your effort

also: ‘you can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending’. 

I like this and it’s appropriate when thinking about our fitness, exercise and lifestyle choices and decisions we make moving forward.

I wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback we had again last week.  Some of you told me that even though you may only have been coming to our classes for the last 2, 3 or 4 weeks, that you’ve already felt a difference – that you feel stronger, able to ‘do more’ and that your flexibility has improved.  Yessss, that’s fantastic and what we want.

Oh and fyi/just to let you know that when the Easter holidays are here (I think the schools finish up a week on Friday for 2 weeks), all of our classes are still ON.

Looking forward to seeing you this week. Let me know how you’re getting on, if you’ve noticed any difference in your fitness, strength and/or flexibility. See you soon, take care, Susan x