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Complementary Fitness News + updates 16 March

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After last week’s great feedback, I asked you for some more and am grateful to share the following comments with you about our Friday morning class:

“Attending the class has made a huge difference to my flexibility and strength.  I sleep better and have fewer aches and pains.  Susan is always bouncing with enthusiasm and encouragement.  I feel great as I walk out the door at 10.30.  Sometimes life gets in the way but I try to go if I can…… it’s great fun and so good for you… and it only takes an hour”.  NM

I’d still like to update the Client Testimonials comments on my home page – you’ll see them if you scroll right down.  The testimonials/comments have been on there for ages but I’d like to freshen them up regularly and I’d appreciate if you’d take the time to give me a one sentence comment (verbally or by email) about me/our classes/how you like them/any benefits etc, thanks very much.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Exercise is brilliant for sleep and it helps us feel physically tired and relieves the stresses and strains of the day.

Apart from the obvious cardiovascular, mood, weight management and other health benefits of regular exercise, moderate physical activity can improve our antibody response to infections.  It’s important not to over-train though as chronic strenuous exercise without recovery days has been associated with an increased susceptibility to infections as well as frequency of injury.

We’ve all heard of ways to boost our immune systems but it’s good to remind ourselves, especially given the increase in numbers of the Coronavirus. 

We’re always being reminded to wash our hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using plenty of hot water and soap and to try to avoid touching our eyes, nose & mouth.

Get more sleep coz research shows that a lack of good sleep weakens the immune system.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night on a regular basis.

Simple daily movement eg walking, can keep your stress levels down, which in turn supports the immune system; however, if you are not feeling well, give your body the rest it needs by reducing activity.  If you feel unwell or have a fever, cough, temperature, instead, try doing some gentle yoga or some stretches at home to keep yourself moving and reduce stress.

We’re encouraged to ‘eat a rainbow’ every day: different vegetables and fruit provide antioxidant protection and support our immune system.

Cut out sugar & alcohol or at least, do your best to avoid refined sugar and limit alcohol consumption.

Some immune-boosting anti-inflammatory/anti-microbial and warming herbs and spices you may like to add into dishes are: turmeric, ginger, dried chillies, rosemary, thyme and garlic.

I thought I’d mentioned again that I love Manuka honey which I occasionally drizzle over porridge or add into a mug of hot water and squeezed lemon (If I have a sore throat/the cold virus, I’ll sometimes add whisky too in a ‘hot toddy’).  There’s lots of research around about the benefits of honey as a natural immune booster, natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent.  Manuka honey, is native to New Zealand and Australia, is registered as a wound-care product in those countries.  Manuka honey can kill bacteria topically and when ingested, can even work synergistically with antibiotics to improve their efficacy.

You’ll see jars of Manuka honey with various MGO numbers on them – the greater/higher the number, the stronger the antimicrobial activity which measures the ability to kill certain types of bacteria.

Meditation increases expressions of genes that are beneficial to the immune system.  Did you know that stress hormones can reduce the effectiveness of immune cells, so by reversing the stress response with meditation, we can support our immune function.  Try a meditation class or download a meditation app eg Headspace or Calm.

We’re getting daily updates on the Coronavirus in newspapers and on tv and there’s more info on NHS’s website at :

Or Government website at:

However, due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, please don’t come to classes if you’re in, or think that you may be in one of the high-risk categories and especially if you’ve recently travelled back from zone 1 and 2 countries eg Italy or China or if you’ve been in close contact with an infected person or anyone who’s self-isolating.

More info on Health Protection Scotland’s website:

(I’ve also just added a Coronavirus info Article on the Articles tab on my website so have a look at that too).

A bit of a laugh (or will it come true?)…

you’ll have seen on the back of some vans: ‘no valuables are kept in this van overnight’ well we were sent a photo of a dirty looking ‘white’ van that written on it:

‘no toilet rolls are kept in this van’!  ha ha

On a different subject: I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day on Sunday 22 March, enjoy.

take care and I look forward to seeing you soon

Susan x