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Join our Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & kettlebell/weights classes in Colinton and Craiglockhart, Edinburgh
and get results in our all level effective classes for men and women (except pregnancy) to help you improve, your fitness, strength, stamina, core, posture and flexibility
All classes details and times are on the Classes page of this website so email me for class info or turn up and join us.


Did you know that…
We got some really great reviews/comments/compliments about our classes last week and thought I’d share them with you:
“I loved the class it’s made a huge difference to my posture, back pain is hugely reduced and I’m more toned after one class which is unbelievable! Your wonderful teaching and caring, attentive approach catering to individual ability meant so much. You made yoga accessible… even to me! Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you on Friday” (AF whose first class with us was Fitness Yoga Fri 28/4)
Btw: I did feel a bit … well… you know.. about typing and telling you part of the comment/compliment but that was the full review after her first class. No money exchanged (apart from the £5 class fee), no bribery either, just a lovely comment.

Another comment after Tuesday Fitness Pilates from MW: “Thank you for a wonderful class last night as usual. It was a real toughie! …. Don’t know how you do it but each class is better than the last – well done and can’t wait till next week, thank you”.

Thank you both so much for your great, positive feedback. Its great to know you enjoy the classes, exercises and I appreciate that you ALL work out so hard and to the best of your ability.
Keep up the great work (outs) and thanks for your commitment and support – Susan.

Oh we’ve signed up for the Bannockburn 10k again this year which is on Father’s Day: Sunday 18 June.
I’ve just started running again in preparation for it and so far, only done short distances of about 5k but over the next few weeks, hope to up the mileage and my time too! I’m not fast btw and it’s been a year since I ran – actually in last year’s 10k in June. I used to run a lot: 10k and quite a few half marathons ‘back in the day’ so who knows ….one day might get back to more runs and distance!

After my latest run first thing in the morning, I got back home and made a ‘porridge creation’ which began by cooking ½ cup of organic porridge oats in 1 cup of hemp milk (didn’t make it this time, just a carton), added turmeric, some black pepper (always good to add pepper to turmeric for it’s bio-availability properties) and when cooked and put in a shallow bowl, I topped it with chia seeds, hemp seeds, a few dried cranberries, a teaspoon of smooth organic peanut butter, a few hazelnuts, acai berry powder, raw cacao nibs, bee pollen and sliced banana – wow, that was some creation wasn’t it?. As you can tell/see, it looks enough for about 4 people but I took a close up of it and I managed to eat it all no problem. I just about added everything to it while I was creating but it tasted delicious as well as being filling and nutritious and it kept me going till lunchtime.

Do you love porridge too? What do you add in or on it? What’s your favourite combo?

As you know, last Thursday we used the Dell Room for our combined class at 7.30pm coz of the voting in the Loan Hall and this week, we’re ‘back to normal’ with our usual 6.35pm Fitness Yoga and our 7.30pm Fitness Pilates class in Dreghorn Loan Hall. I really appreciated that some of you from our yoga class came to the later time and joined us. I decided to do a Fitness Pilates/Fitness Yoga “PiYo class” combining strength, fitness and flexibility and hope that you all enjoyed the change and I appreciate you coming down to the Dell Room.
I wish that we didn’t have to move out of the Loan Hall as it’s a big hall but can’t do anything about it, sorry.
On Thursday 8 June, we’ll have to use the Dell Room again for one combined class again so apologies for the disruption. I decided to go with one class because of the different venue because I know that not only the choir rehearse on a Thursday but there’s also another group who use the Dell Room some Thursdays so they have to move rooms to accommodate us. Anyway, back to normal in the Loan Hall this week…. Yesssss.

I went up to Nike, Straiton at the weekend and they have some things in the sale plus 30% off. I got myself a new pair of leggings, a couple of dry-fit tops and a new pair of light weight flyknit trainers (I’ll probably wear them this week). I’ll wear them for Pilates and yoga as they’re so light and it’s nice to have a change too.
I alternate between my black pair and my yellow/purple pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes for 5 classes a week so nice to buy new ones which are much, much cheaper too. I’ll see what the verdict is this week re comfort etc.

Let me know how you got on in classes last week and what your goals are for the next few weeks and summer, thanks.

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